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There is no reason to panic and fear, but the municipality of Burgas feels obliged to warn its residents and guests that there is a potential danger of spreading the West Nile virus here. Currently there is no proven but existing suspicion for a single woman from Bourgas, who has a large part of the symptoms of this disease, reported the municipality of Burgas.

Unfortunately, it is quite certain that 3 of the 6 dead dead storks in the vicinity of the village of Atia in the neighboring municipality of Sozopol are carriers of the West Nile virus. In response to the potential danger, the municipality of Burgas will be carrying out more intensive dissection events in the coming days in the places where many people gather together and in the mosquito biotopes. It is the mosquito that is the carrier of this virus, which mainly causes animals and especially birds, but is also dangerous for humans.

The municipality also warned all hospitals on its territory to be careful with possible cases of West Nile Fever because it is difficult to diagnose. 80% of the infected people have no symptoms. For the other 20%, the symptoms of the disease are very similar to flu – fever, body aches, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes. In 1% of patients, the result is fatal and is caused by later developed encephalitis or meningitis. These are mainly adults and people with a weakened immune system, very young children.

These summer deaths as a result of West Nile Fever took place in Serbia, Greece, Romania, Kosovo, Italy.

When you withdraw nature, it is advisable to wear and use a repellent. If in doubt, go to your doctor and tell them. Measures to prevent mosquitoes at home are varied – window nets, insecticide lamps, sprays, electrical appliances … Use them, say health experts.

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