Around 10 September the repair of the road Dobri Dol – Slivata – Orsoya began

Around 10 September is scheduled to begin with the most urgent repairs on the road II-11 Dobri dol – Slivata – Orsoya, the API press center announced. The Road Infrastructure Agency issues this statement in response to requests from citizens to repair the piece in the area of ​​the largest landslide registered in Bulgaria at Orsoya.

In 2018, the landslide processes were monitored in the part of the second-class road. In 2017 the most urgent work was done to drain the road and to carry out excavation work that affected the pressure on the road. BGN 200 thousand are allocated for the drainage of the segment before the winter and BGN 50 thousand for drainage activities.

It is intended that in 2018, when the landslide processes will end on about 10 September 2018, the most urgent construction and assembly work will be started to prepare the section for the new winter season. In a bad state there is a segment of about 7-8 km.

More than 6000 square meters are provided for local road repairs. It is about improving the road-based load capacity and restoring the asphalt. The intended activities amount to approximately BGN 1 million.

Route II-11 border Vidin – Dobri dol – Pilsen – Orsoya – Lom – Kovachitsa – The border of Vratza is the main link between Vidin, the port of Lom and the Kozloduy nuclear power plant. The road was built before 1959. In 1985, 18.57 km (from km 23 + 167 to 41 + 737) was repaired. In 2011, a total of 35,099 km was repaired in the framework of the Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, co-financed by the World Bank – PERCEEL 1, this is the part between Vidin and Lom in the sections: from km 0 + 000 to km 10 + 924 from km 14 +010 to km 16 + 115, km 31 + 873 to km 41 + 967, km 49 + 691 to km 57 + 747, km 68 + 279 to km 70 + 223, km 102 + 200 to km 104 + 175.

The country at the landslide has not recovered because of the huge funds the state has to give to support the largest landslide registered more than 35-40 years ago.

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