Arrests and house searches in 2 hotels investigate tax evasion (Object, video)

Checks have 11 hotels

Hotel Vetko Arabadzhiev, family members and people around him are being investigated as a crime group that carries out tax crimes and money laundering. This became clear after the specialized parquet in the hotels of the Marinella family in Sofia and the Maritza in Plovdiv.

At seven o'clock on Friday, researchers went there to collect documents from hotel rooms converted into offices. However, this did not affect hotel guests who did not even feel the presence of the researchers.

The action in Sofia

they followed each other closely

alternate. the most important

Prosecutor Ivan


and deputy speaker Dimitar Frantisek.

"Hotel Marinela is working normally, just like every other day – the situation has not been so stressful for employees, we are working with the research," said hotel room Angelina Angelova.

The suspects of the Public Prosecution Service are that during this and last year companies around Arabadzhievi have forged their accounts,


invoices of the type


traders "

The goal was to avoid tax.

In the scheme phantom companies have declared, but no VAT paid on their fictitious sales. For this purpose many companies were founded and their owners or managers were attracted by people. The role of the so-called Missing traders had to declare fictitious transactions in order to generate higher tax rates for the next downstream.

On Friday, held 24 hours, there were about 10 people. Among them is the son of Vetko Arabadzhiev of his wife Marinella – Valcho. it's him

he was surprised

at sunrise,

while sleeping

in a hotel


The night before, the young man was involved in opening the new season in the Megami disco.

Vetko Arabadzhiev and his wife were not in Bulgaria. "The owner of the hotel, if I use the word" owner ", according to official data from early August is not in the country along with people in his family.The subject of investigation of the crimes is also this person, his family, as well as managers and owners of different companies, "said Geshev.

The property of the Marinella Hotel has long been reportedly Evelin Banev-Brendo, who is being prosecuted for the 6-year prison sentence for money laundering. Before he disappeared, he could often be noticed there, as did his companion Georgi Semerdjiev-Joro Shopa. One of the hotel offices in the hotel is "Fashion Rentals", learned "24 hours". The company has influence on the activities of the Megami Club in the hotel. It was founded in 2016 by two young people – the detained Valcho Arabadzhiev and Lorenzo Semerdjiev, the son of Joro Shopa. In 2017 it was transferred to a company owned by Marinetla Arabadjieva, the wife of Vetko.

Ivan Geshev assured that if it is established that Vetko Arabadzhiev has committed a crime, "all legal measures regulated by Bulgarian and international law" will be taken against him.

Other inmates were the employees of Arabadzhievi. "There are arrested faces from different companies that have nothing to do with that person (Arabadzhiev – ba) and are official companies, "Geshev said.

150,000 leva were found in searches in the hotels. 60 thousand of them were hidden in a shoebox. "It is not yet clear what property the money is," said the deputy of Sotir Tsatsarov. Until the editorial completion of the number of public prosecutors, they did not report how many detainees were charged.

Zam. the chief prosecutor has also clarified this

who it is

owner of



is not the subject

the research

"Part of the research is in the direction of companies that undertake tourist activities, but not the activity of this hotel," he added.

The case was filed ten days ago.

Geshev denied budget funds for the European presidency given to Hotel Marinella for tax offenses. "There are no such data, for the European presidency you have to meet certain legal conditions to win certain, for example, public tenders or places of certain people, which has nothing to do with the subject of the investigation," said deputy secretary. . Chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev.


have 11 hotels

Vetko and Marinella Arabadjievi have 11 hotels with 4 and 5 stars and more than 500 holiday villas. They also have a tour operator and a vocational training center, making them the largest holding company in Bulgaria offering tourist services.

One of the leading hotels is the former "Kempinski-Zografski" in Sofia, now called "Marinella". It was purchased in 2014 for nearly 50 million euros.

The other hotels include Victoria Palace, Chaika Beach, Arcadia and Metropol in Sunny Beach, the holiday village Elenite, the 5-star Hotel Pamporovo in the resort of the same name and Maritsa in Plovdiv. Years ago, Arabadjievi Sofia & # 39; s & # 39; s & # 39; ambassador & # 39 ;, but the building was demolished. The last acquisition in the group is the Hassijnda Beach Hotel in Sozopol, which was opened this year.

The company of Arabadjiev is run by several companies, of which Victoria Group Bm, Victoria Group Corporation, WG and others are the most important.

For example, Victoria Group BM is owned by Okeanos Consultancy, which is registered on the Virgin Islands. Assets are more than 82 million leva, and debts exceed 89 million leva. Last year the company lost more than BGN 4.3 million.

VG, which is a subsidiary of Victoria Group VM and owns "Marinella" Hotel, but for meg. has a profit of almost BGN 1.5 million.

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