Bloody suicide! A steady pooppy doll stuck his wife and brother in the village of Gamzovo! – Blitz

Two people are in hospital after a domestic scandal in Vidin & # 39; s village Gamzovo, said ODMWR spokeswoman Vida Lora Stefanova. On Sundays the traditional autumn market is held in the village, Channel3 informs.

When a domestic scandal arose in the afternoon, a man stabbed a stab wound with his wife's wife and brother in their house.

The act was committed after excessive use of alcohol. The victims were taken to the Vidin hospital.

There is no threat to their lives and the perpetrator is being held. Later it became clear that the injured man had undergone surgery.

According to unconfirmed information, the perpetrator is the priest of the village. He is about 60 years old.

Policemen are working in the Gamzovo district to clarify the matter.


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