Bow! Krasi Georgiev finishes the 55-hour race! Why did he do it? (VIDEO AND PHOTO & S)


Krasi Georgiev, the ultimate marathon man, managed to end his 55-hour charity run in Plovdiv after giving everything for himself in the Tsar Simeon's Garden for more than two days. It was at 17:00 that the athlete successfully completed the extremely difficult challenge, which was supported by hundreds of people of different ages who were walking alongside him and encouraging him.

"55 o'clock" has become a Motivation Festival, which was one of the main goals. Krasi wanted to encourage more people to live an active life and succeeded, after Friday, Saturday and in the rain of today, to flee with him – more than 1000.

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The main goal of the event was to raise funds to help children with oncological diseases. The total number of kilometers covered by all the parties involved in the challenge will be converted into leva by one of the banks. For example: 20,000 kilometers will be converted to 20,000 leva, which will help the association Children with Oncological Diseases. There was a special box in which everyone was willing to donate money.

Krasi Georgiev started the 55-hour race on Friday at 10:00 am when he left the Rowing Base, crossed the Maritza River and entered the Tsar Simeon's Garden, where he rolled about 340 kilometers!

Logically he had short breaks several times and he stopped for massages. He had to stop for various illnesses and be assisted by physiotherapist Dimitrina Sivkova.

"Thank you, I am glad that you have reached so many people, despite the rain, I hope that I have motivated Plovdiv", said Krassi Georgiev in the final.

"I never give up, so many people around me and running that I could not just give up, thank you all, if you invite me next year, I'll come back again," said the ultramarathon against those present.

Asked what he wants to do after 55 hours of running, the hero answered with a smile: "Have a bath."

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