Bulgaria 16 people were killed and 26 injured in a car accident near Svoge (summary at 23.00)


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Reuters releases a photo from the scene.

Sixteen people died and 26 were injured in a bus accident in the urban area of ​​Svoge.

For now unknown reasons, a bus with pilgrims to the convent of the Seven Throne, returning from the canvas, tipped over and fell to a level below the road. Eyewitnesses testify that the incident has become a sharp turn in the rain and that the fall has been at least 20 m long. According to the Ministry of Regional Development, the road surface of the site is in excellent condition and the drainage of the water is normal.

Thirteen of the travelers were killed and three others died later. Doctors believe that more accurate information about the condition of the other victims will be 24 hours after the incident, because it is currently unstable.

The company – carrier "Mobilus – 5 Ltd." has not been violated so far, the Ministry of Transport showed. The driver who caused the catastrophe is the owner who has worked for years in collaboration with the municipality of Bozhurishte. There is no doubt, however, that the driver missed a technical check which he had to endure at the beginning of the month, said Deputy Transport Minister Angel Popov.

On Saturday, August 25 at 10.30 pm the number of passengers on the bus was unknown. It is also controversial whether everyone is from Bozhurishte or Svetovrachene and if there were children with the excursionists, as eyewitnesses testify.

More than five hours after the crash, the road remained closed: initially – to provide access to the ambulances and then – to carry out the investigation.

The Ministry of the Interior opened a hot telephone for the relatives of the victims – on 02 982 50 39 they can find information about the hospitals that are housed in the Sofia hospitals.

The government declared Monday, August 27 a day of national mourning.

The incident was also reported outside the country. Foreign media, including the Washington Post and British tabloid Sun, wrote about the tragedy and called news from the Associated Press. The Turkish daily Dahli Sabah cites information from the French press, noting that the road network of the country is poorly maintained, the vehicles are old and about a thousand people die every year on the road.

Images of the crash here.

Timeline of what is happening here.

Timeline for the victims of the road when traveling by bus read here.

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