Bulgaria The sheep in Bolyarovo died of overeating, not the plague, farmers say

The sheep in Bolyarovo died of overeating, not the plague, farmers say

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The sheep in Bolyarovo died of too much food, not the plague. They are from the same company where positive plague samples were taken two months ago, but the veterinarians were not allowed to do a second test, reported BTV.

According to the owner of the 11 sheep, Annie Petrova, some of her animals entered the area where the wheat was stored, and that was the result of overeating. "In private order with a specialist, we found that it was the cause of death," Petrova said. Animals have died within five days.

She reported that she detected the first three dead animals on 14 September, but the veterinarians did not help her. According to Annie Petrova, she has always allowed the authorities to take a second sample of her sheep's plague, but only on condition that the euthanasia order issued after the first samples is declared invalid and void. "I have lost all confidence in the vets and I do not know what they are going to do now," Petrova said.

The Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety (BSA) sent a letter to main prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov in connection with the organized fight against the veterinary authorities in Bolyarovo, where a small pest of ruminants was discovered in July. For the second month, owners of a local farm and their admirers do not allow specialists in the field of the farm.

On this occasion on Nova TV, the Minister of Agriculture Rumen Porozhanov announced that this is a holding company that does not meet any requirements and that its status will be withdrawn. He urged the farmers to have veterinarians take samples of all dead animals to see what causes death – too much food or disease. Until now, only one animal was allowed to sample.

Yesterday, experts from the Bulgarian food safety agency announced that they were insulted and threatened in their attempts to control the farm.

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