Come so much, heard Radev, Nankov and Moskovski from the prime minister (Obzor)

Borisov resigned from three ministers for the 17 deaths of Svoge

They have postponed five days to hand over all documents to the public prosecutor's office

Valeriy Simeonov angry that they have not asked him about the change of GERB ministers – threatens to leave the government

It has been the biggest rocker in the Council of Ministers for 13 years

"That's enough, today is the day!" With these words, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov almost immediately demanded the resignation of three of his ministers – interior Valentin Radev, regional Nikolai Nankov and Transport Ivaylo Moskovski. The reason was the 17 dead during Saturday's bus crash on the dangerous road in the Iskar Gorge near Svoge.

Early in the morning Borisov called the three ministers and asked for his resignation. Only three of them were not surprised, because on Sunday the extraordinary meeting of the government declared that they would bear political responsibility because of the crash. However, they have postponed five days to collect all documents relating to the restoration of the dangerous road and the catastrophe itself and to transfer it to the investigation and the prosecutor.

After the morning calls, two of the dismissed ministers, Radev and Nankov, appeared at 12.30 in the Council of Ministers and explained why they would leave. The third –



was on leave

due to illness,

but has also resigned.

"We take the political responsibility for the crash at Svoge because we do it in GERB We may not be personally guilty, but we are the faces of the ministries who have not done enough to prevent the situation," Radev said after his resignation. He gave statements together with Nikolay Nankov on leaving Prime Minister Borisov's office.

"We have shown the willingness to assume political responsibility on Sunday after the meeting, and we took this moral obligation as heads of ministries." At the beginning of the week I said that our primary goal is to get justice as quickly as possible. possibly to the agenda, and we will continue to work together to end the investigation fairly, "said Nikolay Nankov.

One of the main mistakes of the three who led to their resignation was the inadequate coordination between their agencies, he explained.

Motives for

resignation, however

they were not


with the Prime Minister,

and Borisov did not explain them to them, it became clear from the words of Radev.

"Call us in the morning and say:" Come on, so much, today is the day! "And we immediately took over," added the retired minister of the Interior.

From the words of Radev, however, it became clear that, according to him, road safety is increasing, despite the feeling that they have become more dangerous.

"Traffic accidents in 2017 and 2018 are declining It is difficult to believe these victims now, but that is the truth," said Radev. According to him, the first government of GERB killed the victims of the war from over 1000 people per year to 600.

"We are now a little higher with the number of victims, but in the previous years it has fallen a lot.Anyone who has been back in all systems is not only about control, but also about roads, infrastructure, drivers, vehicles, related to the number of fatalities, all of this will be seen in the current catastrophe at Svoge, and I suppose it is the prosecutor's job to find out who the guilty are, "Radev said. He explained that the incident with the 17 victims was the drop that flooded the cup.

"There are 7 signals sent to the municipalities for the specific parcel, that is what we can do in our ministry, we are the faces of the ministries, we are going to be acting all over the world, we are ministers in discharge. will continue to do our work until no substitutes are found, "added Radev.

The resignations that led to the biggest change of ministers since 2005, when five of the New Times left the office of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, turned out to be surprising for the coalition partners. Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeonov even accused Boyko Borisov of having violated the political agreement of the Patriots and GERB.

"The departures of the three ministers

are not coordinated

with a coalition


patriots "

(NFFS, IMRO and Attack), which is an absolute violation of the political agreement with the GERB party. After Prime Minister Boyko Borissov personally talks to me and the rest of my fellow MEPs of the OP for all things, it is right to turn to us, "Simeonov said, demanding an extraordinary coalition council.

Later that day, he told FOCUS News Agency that he had convened Saturday for his party, the NFSB, to decide whether they would stay in government at all.

Simeonov did not see what the ministers Radev, Moskovski and Nankov had in common with the crash in Svoge and the death of the 17 people. The other two patriotic leaders – Volen Siderov and Krassimir Karakachanov – were also surprised by the resignations. However, they saw no problems for the management of the prime minister's move.

The resignation of Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski ended the two-month hunger strike by Nikolay Kolev-Bosia. He wanted the minister to be expelled for abuse and corruption in the issue of driving licenses.

The BSP wants to take at least two further resignations – Tsacheva and Porozhanov

At least two other ministers of the government to be replaced, asked the BSP for a special briefing shortly after the resignation of Valentin Radev, Nikolay Nankov and Ivaylo Moskovski.

Minister Tsetska Chetseva of Justice would be held responsible for the blocking of the trade register and the escaped prisoners and the agricultural tripe Porozhanov for the slaughtered sheep and goats in Strandzha, deputy chairman of the socialists Kiril Dobrev explained. The most appropriate thing was to resign the entire cabinet. "We are replacing some party officials with others, the truth is this: the camels are changing and the caravan is going … This caravan has been run by the same person for 10 years now The resignation of the entire government is the only way out of the political crisis at the moment, "said Dobrev.

"This section will be launched in July 2014. The government has changed on August 4. BSP participation in this 80 km route is lacking," said Georgi Svilenski, the accused that poor repair of the job is the fault of the Oresharski government . Dobrev asked why the regional minister in the first and second Borisov cabinet Lilyana Pavlova has not yet been questioned.

The Reds also said that they would support the resignation of the three ministers, Radev, Moskovski and Nankov, when the time for their vote arrived in the plenary room, said Kiril Dobrev. Nevertheless, the Socialist Bureau has not yet decided whether the new political season will be launched with a third vote of no confidence in the government.

Nominated for new ministers of transport, deputy Tsipov takes over the Ministry of the Interior, Borisov is looking for regional development expert but not a candidate

Names of heirs of the three exempt ministers began to roll immediately after the news of their resignation, although none of them had been fully confirmed by the end of the day.

Most candidates have emerged as a new Minister of Transport, probably because the dismissal of Ivaylo Moskovski has been pronounced for months.

Milcho Lambrev, former head of the National Railway Infrastructure Company, released during his office, is mentioned. Informed that a month ago there were indications that he took over the function of Minister of Transport, but then there was a silence.

According to a possible choice GERB representative Svetoslav Ivanov was also available. According to others, however, this was controversial.

The post was also commented on the name of Deputy Minister Velik Zanchev.

The name of the minister of the office of Marin Raykov, Christian Krastev, was immediately averted. Close to him he says that his candidacy automatically appears on every vacancy and this time is hardly current.

The transport sector also thinks of the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova, whose minister of transport has been talking about months ago. She was a consensual figure – both politically and between the transport community. Prime Minister Borissov, however, was not inclined to a new ministerial seat, although this would damage the constant problems between Angelkova and leading deputy prime minister Valeriy Simeonov.

The current Deputy Minister Krassimir Tsipov is almost certainly the new Minister of Home Affairs. He is in the position in the second term of Boiko Borisov, he knew the problems of the Ministry of Interior and was also a party.

The regional ministry was the most problematic. Borisov wants Nankov to appoint an expert instead of a party party at GERB. The prime minister absolutely did not want to give the post to one of the current service teams, because he also assumed responsibility as Nankov. The return of the former regional minister, who was in charge of the European presidency, Liliana Pavlova, was also not possible.

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