Dupnitsa sank into grief after the bloody catastrophe near Rila park! The dead man was … (PHOTO & S) – BLISTER

The bloody catastrophe on the way to Rila Park, which took the life of a 22-year-old boy, threw the Doupnitsi in shock and horror. They are faced with black Honda and taxi, and as a result of the hit the Honda driver dries.

Referring to his sources, "Faith" reports that the victim in the terrible incident is Yordan Boyanov, a computer specialist.

"The boy was very good, graduated from the SWU" Neofit Rilski. "A great man, God forgive him, the family's deep sympathy, too bad for young life, we are shocked and can not believe it," informed people.

The Honda driver who died during the crash was announced by the Honda Brothers group, where dozens of condolences were expressed.

Police spokeswoman Katya Tabachka explained that during the preliminary investigation procedure it will be clear exactly how the catastrophe has proceeded and what the blame is for the next blow. Tabachka explained that the taxi had been moved in the direction of the village of Bistritsa and the dog's of the park to the city of Dupnitsa. "Taxi customers were a woman and two children, the woman has a broken arm, the children were examined in a hospital and enrolled."

The taxi driver had a thorny trauma with the first information, but stayed behind to prove at the scene of the incident. According to acquaintances, the taxi driver has a lot of experience behind the wheel. Police teams arrived first to help passengers in the taxi, and a team of firefighters arrived at the site. According to unofficial information, there was also a thunderbolt due to the crash, probably from a gas or methane bottle.

Preliminary procedures have been initiated regarding the case, the District Administration continues in Dupnitza.

Dupnitsa remained in a black sun shock. They have massively commented on the disaster and have not stopped all day with condolences. "The Honda was crushed to the point where the crashed motorist died, a big tragedy, there was a fire, the whistling sirens straightened us in. The crushed car is unrecognizable, burned … The taxi was stopped sideways," said an eyewitness .


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