Eurostat announced the sensitive truth for the work of the Bulgarians! (GRAPH) – BLISTER

The work week in Bulgaria is one of the longest in the European Union (EU). Our country is second on the list of the states of the Union.

A Eurostat survey from early August shows that the working week in Bulgaria takes about 40 hours and 8 minutes.

The figures come from a survey for 2017. The average value for all EU countries is just over 37 hours.

The Greeks are the leaders with 42 working hours per week.

For comparison: the International Labor Organization only recommends a 4-day work week.

According to the Industrial Capital Association, 60% of the working day is effectively worked.

"What is more important is what is created for that time – per GDP per capita, Bulgaria is the last in the EU", says BAC Vassil Velev from BIC.

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