Hemodialysis center in Vidin stops working until 8 October due to a broken device (OBZOR)

October 5, 2018 | 03:47 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Information office

Hemodialysis center in Vidin stops working until 8 October due to a broken device (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS Information Office

Vidin. The center for hemodialysis in the active treatment hospital "St. Petka" in Vidin completely stops working until 8 October. This was announced by the director of the medical institution Dr. Tsvetan Vassilev. The center has been working since Monday after the hemodialysis device is damaged to an emergency control and the repair is a necessary component to be delivered by Germany in the coming days. "Patient dialysis in our center is 44. By Monday morning, these people will be dialyzed in Montana," said Dr. Vassilev.
Minister of Health, Kiril Ananiev, ordered an immediate check in the center by the Executive Agency for Medical Control. "The agency is there and our regional health inspections and control points are in. A very serious test is under way, I have received very detailed information from the hospital director, but when I receive the results from my organs that I sent, I will tell the whole truth, "Ananiev explained.
He pointed out that until recently he had a hemodialysis in his hospital quite normal. "Even for the people we sent from Vidin to Montana and they came to the private center, my leadership was told they were well looked at," said the minister. In the coming days, the Ministry of Health BGN will offer 180,000 to the hospital in Vidin for the purchase of hemodialysis devices, beds and a water purification system. The funds were made available by the Council of Ministers at the end of September this year. "Their main division is to implement hemodialysis policy, which is a top priority because we know that hemodialysis is not good in the country, we have reports of similar problems in other hospitals and we have proposed an increase in the money for them. BGN 2.5 million for this year are scheduled for hemodialysis, "said the Minister of Health.
Ombudsman Maya Manolova visited the center in Vidin, where she spoke to patients and their relatives. She was categorically of the opinion that the department needed an urgent investment of urgent money, because the machines had more than 30,000 long working days and had been written off long. "For the 14 units as they are in the district, the 180,000 leva provided by the health ministry will certainly not reach," said the Ombudsman.
Deputy Minister of Health Boyko Penkov, who was also in the Danube city, said that a new device will be delivered to the damaged equipment until Sunday and that transport for patients requiring hemodialysis will then be provided to the Montana hospital. It is a maximum of a few days to get the results of the checks.

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