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Hotels and restaurants in Bansko will employ more than 5,000 employees in the coming months. This year bartenders, waiters, chefs, girls and managers will be looking for it. However, the tourist industry is concerned about whether there will be enough skilled workers to work.

At the end of the summer season, hoteliers and restaurant owners in Bansko also prepare for the upcoming winter. About 40% of the hotels in the hotel are closed in the spring and have left staff free. The search for new employees begins at the end of September.

"Unfortunately, the lack of staff has been a major problem in tourism currently in Bulgaria, two are the opportunities and two are the opportunities that we can either rent externally, as the law allows us, or the second, what kind of me is the right one … local staff from Bulgaria, "said Malin Bistrin, a hotelier.

Hundreds of jobs in the tourism sector will be announced in Pamporovo. Hotelists also complain that it is difficult to find qualified staff and the recruitment of employees from abroad does not solve the problem.

"I'm against importing people from abroad, because they still do not know our morals, they do not know our traditions, and when they come here, they can not offer what we can offer them, we have to find images from here, from the places in Bulgaria and from our region ", Nikolay Vassilev, hotelier.

The industry recognizes that it will be difficult to keep young and qualified employees because they prefer working in Western Europe. There they sometimes get higher wages compared to the resorts in Bulgaria.

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