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API: if we do not rebuild bridges and tunnels for a maximum of 4 years, we close highways

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We are renovating now, so that after three or four years old parts of the Hemus and Trakia motorways we do not have to close, said Svetoslav Glosov, chairman of the Road Infrastructure Agency, according to the travel agency.

His comment is after checking the progress of repairing the Korniški dol Viaduct on the 36th km of AM "Hemus" and from the facility tunnel "Vitinya", which have not been updated for more than 30 years.

At Korniški dol – at km 36, four of the six total of six pillars of the facility are being repaired in the direction of Sofia. The viaduct has a length of 481 meters and a height of 90 meters. It has been in use since 1986. The estimated value of the reconstruction of the columns of the Korinishki Dol Viaduct is approximately BGN 25 million.

The road maintenance company is fully mobilized to carry out the planned activities as quickly as possible. It works daily in two shifts during daylight. & # 39; No construction work is carried out at night, because the employees are at a very high altitude of 90 meters.

"We can not risk the lives and health of people and not everything can be done in artificial light," Glossov said.

Until the completion of the repair work, the traffic of light and light commercial vehicles will continue to pass through Varna canvas in two ways. There is one bar for Varna and one for Sofia.

The viaduct tunnel "Hemus" tunnel "Vitinya" has a length of 225 m. It has been in use since 1984.

The facility has been repaired in the canvas for Sofia, which is located at the entrance of the Sofia tube. The canvas for Varna at the same location was repaired last year. All pillars of the Viaduct have been restored. The construction and assembly work on the construction of the carriageway continues with the repair of the road plate, the paving consoles and the connections of the facility. The indicative value of the construction works is BGN 8 million, and until its completion the light traffic is diverted to the canvas for Varna.

Glosov has announced that he is now repaired five of the 17 facilities that need rehabilitation activities on the Hemus and Thrace motorways. Three of them are Hemus – the 19 km long Floodwater Viaduct, "Korenishki dol" and 33 km in front of the "Vitinya" tunnel.

Trakia Motorway operates in two facilities – at km 20 (the highest viaduct of Trakia) and at km 37, which was affected after the overflow of a municipal dam at Ihtiman.

It is up to Hemus to repair the facility at 37 km and the Razliv viaduct at km 51.

Separately, the unfinished tube for Sofia also works on the "Vitinya" tunnel. Currently, the movement is limited by the construction work of the Viaduct, just before the tunnel.

The API reported that the Trakia Motorway had the opportunity to start the repair of three other facilities.

"There will be traffic problems, but these repairs must be made to travel safely," Glosov said.

During the repair work on the Hemus motorway, the traffic of heavy trucks of more than 12 tons is limited in the 30 to 47 kilometer segment. They run at 30 km from the Rinka-road Vitinski on the Sofia-Botevgrad road and the Botevgrad ring road and then return to the Hemus motorway at 47 km on the Botevgrad junction and vice versa. An alternative route for trucks can be used – Sofia – Svoge – Mezdra via the Iskar Gorge.

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