More than 500 Bulgarians and Macedonians sang together in Kyustendil

The enormous improvised choir was led by two conductors and accompanied by professional musicians. The participants with a lot of mood and positive emotions sang together "Braila Mama Blackies" and "Bolena I Lose Mile Popiordanov". According to them, this event unites the two countries and contributes to a good friendship.

Dimitar Tsvetkov-conductor: Our entire folklore, both Macedonia and Bulgaria, is the same, so it is the case here, it is clear that there is no obstacle to singing and collecting.

Danev Methods: So many people to come together in one place, they are happy, so peaceful, so happy, so sweet, we think you sometimes want to have such nice works.

The initiative is part of the International Song and Heart Song Contest "Sing the Heart" which is held every year in Kyustendil, according to organizers of the Bratstvo community center, to the idea of ​​applying for Guinness World Records for total song performance. participants from Bulgaria and Macedonia at the jousting festival.

Ivan Andonov – President of Bratstvo Chitalishte – Kyustendil: I hope we have once again proven that music and art build bridges between people and politicians.

For the final of the general performance, people of all ages on both sides of the border got one big blow.

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