NEC paid 265 million euros to Warley Parsons until the contract was terminated:

NEK has paid 265 million EUR to Warley Parsons until the end of the contract

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In the contract that was signed years ago between the National Electricity Company (NEC) and the Belene NPP consultant – Warlee Parsons – lacks a ceasefire clause in case the main contract for the construction of the plant is terminated by Russian Atomstroyexport.

This was stated by Petar Iliev – executive director of NEK EAD for the Bulgarian national radio. It was just a matter of time when NEK was again convicted, he said, quoted by Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

The Arbitration Court has ordered Warley Parsons to pay nearly € 32 million. NEK paid a total of EUR 265,863 million to the company until the contract was terminated.

"This contract does not protect the investor in any way," said Iliev. NEK needed to have a consultant for all contracts signed but no one predicted that there would be no contract with Atomstroyexport, so there is no clause to terminate the contract with Warley Parsons.

"This is an open position, why there is no clause I do not know, the contract does not protect the investor in any way, and the company was also convicted of the Tsankov Kamak projects and the contract with Atomstroyexport. to pay for the work carried out under the contract and the invoices issued for services rendered, which are not invoiced, but the large sum is for compensation – it is 21, 262 million euros for a claim of a little more than 43 million Euro ", declared CEO of NEC.

In fact, the National Electricity Company has saved around € 23 million from the original claim, according to Iliev.

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