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Vetko Arabadzhiev and his wife Marinella disappeared Friday in their villa in Saint Tropez, the day when special prosecutors and police officers invaded their Marinella hotels in Sofia and Maritsa in Plovdiv, Trud reported. For the millionaire family, European arrest warrants have been issued because they are believed to be still in France or in another EU country. A request for searching was also submitted to Interpol, but until last night the pictures of Vetko and Marinella were not uploaded to the site of that of the other Bulgarians.

We recall that special police officers and police officers entered the building of the two hotels that were used as offices of the "Victoria Group" company, Araabjievi, and other companies for whom the eu assumes they are on the faces. 10 people were arrested during the operation, including their youngest son, Valcho (22). On Saturday, five of the arrested were charged with involvement in an organized crime group for tax fraud and Arabian son – for money laundering. This afternoon, the Special Prosecutor filed a motion to impose "detention in custody" on Valcho and two women – Rumelia Kirilova and Elena Karayaneva. As more than 20 volumes have been collected about the case, with the materials that lawyers have requested to read, the hearing continued after the editorial completion of the problem. However, it went in closed doors.

It was unclear whether other members of the family were looking for. Besides Valcho, who is involved with the Modefabriek Marinette and Megami, Vetko and Marinella have another son and two daughters. The family has a luxury yacht and a private jet. In addition to their tenfold villa in Saint-Tropez, where they last published photos of their couples in the social network Instagram, Arabadjievi often travels to the Maldives and Dubai.

Family-friendly people unofficially stated that Arabadievi was shocked by the first news about looking up their offices and homes. "They had no idea that they were subject to prosecution," the family said

The detainee Elena Karaayneva (61 years old) participates in the management of the company of Arabadjievi "Victoria Group VM" EAD. There is a joint venture Rommelia Kirilova (55), for which the special prosecutor also has an arrest. . In all likelihood, both have worked as accountants for the hotel empire.

In the office on Friday, BGN found 10 million in cash, while the investigation will determine the origin documents of this money and whether they have paid taxes. Six luxury limousines from the family garage, including Rolls-Royce and Bentley, are being held.

According to researchers, VAT is hidden on 4 schemes. According to the researchers, the criminal group operated from 2016 to 2018 according to four schemes, in which they hid revenues and did not pay large amounts of VAT. So far, the accusations to avoid a BGN payment of 600,000, but the amount will certainly increase, the criminologists predicted.

To prevent VAT being introduced by companies that are actually active, the recording of commercial transactions with companies such as "missing trader" has started in the accounting registers. This creates a tax reduction. It is inherited because there are no real deliveries on these transactions and tax avoidance is avoided. Two of the schemes are intended for rehabilitation and hotel services, but the other two are kept secret, explained by the special prosecutor.

From an accountant at a meat company to a hotelier Vetko Arabadzhiev, the biggest Bulgarian hotelier, was born in 1956 in Asenovgrad. His birth name is Valcho, but he wants to call him Vetko. He graduated from the university of national and world economy. In 1989 she worked as an accountant at the Plovdiv Meat Company. Shortly thereafter he registered the company "Victoria-89", which is one of the most important companies in his company. In the nineties she developed a sugar trade with Multigroup Chief Iliya Pavlov. Acquires a cannery and bottling factories for mineral water. Then it is diverted to tourism and are in possession of the Maritza Hotel in Plovdiv, Elenite resort, hotels in Sunny Beach and Pamporovo, and Hotel Marinella in Sofia, named after his wife. According to statistics, the family has more than 15,000 beds in the country. But he likes to rest in his villa in Saint-Tropez. Hobby & # 39; s are super-expensive cars. In his garage there are tailor-made Rolls-Royce, Maybach, McLaren and other limousines. Years ago he bought two private planes with which he traveled to Saint-Tropez in business meetings. It is said that there are plans to acquire another 2.

The 5-star Marinella was one of the most important ones to receive high-ranking guests during the European presidency. Researchers have made it easy to understand that the gathering of evidence also took place while the Arab elite stayed in the hotel of Arabadievi.

For a confusing situation with a comical touch, they told Trud to be familiar with the lives of European officials. In the later hours of the day at the Marinella Lobby, guests were greeted by luxurious girls with challenging clothes. It was precisely with them that a higher director reached a meeting in Sofia, accompanied by his wife, who had literally disappeared without words. "What is this? Where did you bring me? What are these prostitutes? Do you stay in such a hotel on a business trip? & # 39; The receptionist, half of the receptionist, ascending and she definitely refused to hotel, so the family had to be moved to Hilton.

Although born in January, in the summer of 2016, Vetko Arabadjiev organized a wonderful party with 400 guests in Saint Tropez. Among the invited are models and folk dances, of which a number, for example for singer Azis, the birthday sent his plane to bring them from Bulgaria. The fashion trend for that summer is for secular people to shoot with a pink flamingo. That is why Vetko invites some of her more distinguished guests to come to the pool of Saint-Tropez in the arms of an inflatable pink flamingo.

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"We will make every effort to keep the objective truth as clear as possible, the company has been repeatedly screened over the past year and no violations have been detected," said Victoria Group on Saturday. The company recalls that Hotel Marinella has worked around the clock to provide impeccable service to the guests of the European Parliament and the team has received much praise and thanks.

Victoria Group ": We have no offenses. "We will do our utmost to maximize the clarity of the objective truth, the past year the company has been screened repeatedly and no violations have been detected," said Victoria Group on Saturday. The company recalls that Hotel Marinella has worked around the clock to provide impeccable service to the guests of the European Parliament and the team has received much praise and thanks.

They stole his Rolls Royce in St Tropez, opened in Bulgaria. One of the strange stories with Vetko Arabadzhiev is the theft of his super cool Rolls Royce. The car that cost more than half a million leva disappeared in September 2011 from the company house in Saint-Tropez. The limousine was one of the favorites of the hotel after he gave it to his birthday in 2007. Three and a half years later, surprisingly enough, Rolls Royce was detected by entering the Kalotina border checkpoint. Behind his steering wheel is the 52-year-old Plovdiv, who explained and was released. There were rumors that the car was taken by the Albanian mafia and after long negotiations returned to a solid ransom.


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