OLAF is part of the inspection of Mineu Staykov

The European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF will participate in Mineu Staykov's investigation, which became clear yesterday during the hearing before the Court of Appeal.

The special prosecutor has informed OLAF that there is evidence of misappropriation of EU funds – about 7 million leva according to Prosecutor Petrov. Staikov's children from SIS Industries have applied for funding under the Agriculture Farm under the Young Farmer program, Petrov said.

The owner of Vinprom Karnobat Mineu Staykov can also be accused of eclipsing EU funds. This was clear from the words of the …

These are 9 sole proprietorships, who are sons and daughters of Staykov's employees, but are eligible for the program and are up to 25 years old. They have received financing of 7 million leva and included in the notarial valid return letters that "the actual possession of all rights in favor of Mineu Staykov would be ".
That is why OLAF was seized by the special prosecutor, it was made clear during the hearing on the businessman's reprisals and two others accused of an organized crime group for tax crimes – Belun Hazarbassanov and Ivan Dimitrov. For the magistrates, Mineu asked Staykov to be released and said that his case was legitimate.

Miu Staykov and two more prisoners were held yesterday for a later hour. The reason is that the Public Prosecutor has forgotten to submit 6 volumes of material for the case that matters. For example, the composition of the specialized criminal court postponed the observation of the measure by which time the materials would be imported.

Because of the six new amounts of evidence, the court of justice issued a few hours and decided to stay …

Then the lawyers of the accused must also know the volumes. We recall that yesterday morning the court had to consider the appeal to Mineu Staykov's measure and the others after the court had left them in custody last week. The three were accused of participating in an organized criminal group that was set up to sell excise goods without excise duties and money laundering.
On 5 September, the Public Prosecution Service entered the companies of Staykov – Topaz Mel, Vinprom Karnobat and Sis Industries. A total of 10 people were detained during the operation, including Staykov himself.

On 6 September, the Public Prosecution Service filed accusations of 8 persons for the sale of excise goods without excise labels, tax evasion and money laundering. The accused is the son of Staykov – Stayko Staykov, who is still looking for a European arrest warrant for his arrest.

The specialized prosecutor filed the accusations of a fourth who was criminally responsible for participating in an organized criminal …

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