Only in BLITS! The drunken BNT presenter shouted to the doctors, paranoid that he was deputy director of the National Theater! – Blitz

Craven drove after drinking BNT leader Tsvetan Nikolov, who had crashed on the Chavdar bridge in the capital earlier today, was inadequate in the first minutes after the accident, BLITS learned.

We remind you that the incident was first reported by BLITZ.

He jumped to the emergency services and behaved roughly with them when they came to his aid and took him into the almost helpless state of the crushed Chevrolet.

Later, when he was taken to ISUL, the journalist surprisingly told the hospital team that they should be careful with him because he was deputy director of the national theater.

Then he got up and announced that he did not remember anything about the catastrophe in which he almost lost his life.

He is currently anesthetized and doctors are doing surgery. When he recovers he will be prosecuted for driving under the influence

As Blitz informed, the blood sample from Nikolov had 2.9 milligrams of alcohol.

Employees of the Metropolitan Municipality have almost cleared the remnants of the journalist's Chevrolet from the street cloth that has recently been refurbished.


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