Pazardjik killed a tooth of a drunken man in Plovdiv Chalgoteka, cursing mother – Blitz

Pazardjik defeated a Plovdiv citizen in a cult disco in Plovdiv. The knockout was a dead tooth and a cleft lip. Everything happened before the eyes of hundreds of visitors to the nightclub. For the defeat, the striker took a suspended sentence of eight months, reports

The action took place at the end of last year in a jazz club. The Pazardzhiks decided to have fun and visit the chalgoteca. At the height of the party, one of the boys went to the toilet. There he was with a drunken man who hugged him and told him he would not let go and if it was a problem. The Pazardzhik pushed his hand away and told him he was not his mistress to cuddle him and then went to the bathroom.

They both returned to their farms and continued to have fun.

Moments later, Pajdhikli saw a friend of his at the bar and greeted him. There was also a visibly sick man from the toilet. The latter approached him and told him: "Abandoned, your mother ****!" From these words Pajdjekliya became furious and fisted in the face of his provocateur.

The reason for the anger was that the attacker had no father and was heavily attached to his mother.

The friend of the victim took him outside and called the police. Her friend had a deadly tooth and blood from his mouth. On arrival in the uniforms the attacker came out. He calmed down and tried to apologize to the citizen of Plovdiv and explained to the police.

The victim, however, only repeated "I will judge you".

The sufferer visited the emergency box and exhausted the medical trauma. With documents and witnesses he filed a complaint with the police and started a procedure.

Pazardzhik received an indictment and a year after the incident he went to court. All witnesses were interviewed during the hearing and presented with forensic expertise, dental findings and camera recordings.

A week ago Pajdhikli heard his verdict. He was imprisoned for eight months with a trial period of three years. The boy also has to pay the treatment for a dentist from Plovdiv for an amount of BGN 1050, as well as BGN 1000 non-monetary damage.

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