Rally Racer is released on the death line at Svoge and shocked to find that … (VIDEO) – BLITZ

The state of the road and the asphalt at the site of the crash in the Iskar Gorge are among the main directions of the investigation. Grigor Grigorov is one of the best performing rally racers in Bulgaria with many successes and winning cups. He checked the road surface and commented on the dangers of the fatal turn, reported Nova TV.

The competitor is convinced that the corner is very treacherous, and even a second inconsistency can be a serious incident, especially in the harsh weather conditions that occurred on Saturday during the incident.

"The bend itself is very dangerous – we have a descent, probably a river flowed at that time, and the bend has a canvas on the canvas, a slightly late summit that goes further and aggravates the situation," said Grigor Grigorov. In his words, a double or triple shroud can save lives.

Grigorov paid special attention to the road surface. It is categorical that the road section seems to be in good condition, but it makes an impression that the asphalt is pretty worn and slippery. Drainage is also lacking in many places.

More critical areas were noticed during the inspection. Only 300 meters before the fatal turn has another, even more dangerous.
Grigor is clear that institutions need to do their job better and think about people's safety, but drivers should be more cautious.

"I want to express my condolences to the relatives of those killed, drivers should be more careful and not trust in signs and institutions, but judge the situation," he added.

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