Rentals in Sofia jumped to the sky, see the prices

Increased demand and higher rental rates in Sofia. This is reported since the beginning of autumn brokers. At this time of year the most expensive apartments are for rent in student city, Mladost, Ovcha Kupel, the city center and the southern parts of the city.

Prices vary. The rent of a one bedroom apartment, depending on the region, is between 585 and 830 leva, according to the information from the brokers. She is looking to rent a furnished one-bedroom apartment in the capital. She is willing to pay for up to 800 leva, but she says she finds it difficult to find something suitable, either because she is for a higher price or for a lower price, but does not meet her needs.

According to real estate agents, the two-bedroom houses are most in demand, but they are also the most inadequate in the market, and the peak in housing is now.

"It is expected that by November everyone who has been looking forward to it will settle down and calm down, so that in November not so actively will be sought and there will of course be no offer on the market," Galina Koutuleva told bTV.

And at relatively high rental rates, many people ask the question of rent or loan. Credit advisors estimate that for a one-bedroom apartment in one of the preferred areas the monthly rent is about 760 leva and that for a mortgage payment something less is paid. But if we decide to buy, we must be careful with the judgment, experts warn.

"Because apart from a participation of at least 15%, which we have to deposit in our funds, the costs for acquiring a home are also quite high, we usually have to be around 7-8%, where we have broker commissions, notary fees, local taxes, Tihomir Toshev In addition, the loan is a long-term commitment and households must carefully consider whether they can pay the contribution every month in the next 20 years to keep their assets.

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