See when there will be rain and cooling in September

Early next week the weather will be cool and around September 5, September 10 and September 20 it is also cooler – with a stronger wind, with rainfall. Such a prognosis was made by the synoptic Anastasia Stoycheva of NIMH.

However, she appealed to Nova TV that September will be a pleasant month, there will be days when it is summer. Stoycheva recalled that the astronomical summer ended on September 23. She added that in the morning somewhere in some valleys temperatures were measured in the order of 11-12 degrees Celsius.

The new week starts with cooling and precipitation.
On Monday all over the country there are varying clouds. Expect weak …

Otherwise, there will be a west-northwest wind on Monday 27 August that will blow the warmest layers of seawater, resulting in a shorter drop in temperature, especially on the water, to 22-24 degrees. By cooling Monday, the temperature drops from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. It will be short-lived, Stoycheva assured.

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