The ban on the production of halogen lamps – BLITS takes effect

A ban on the production of most types of halogen lamps has been in force in the European Union since today. Traders can, however, continue to sell their available shares until they are exhausted. Halogen lamps are mainly replaced by LED lighting. According to the European Commission, this will save a huge amount of energy, BNT said.

In 2012, the EU forbids the production of ordinary light bulbs and halo's are nowadays in history. The reasons for this are that they are not energy efficient enough.

Their ban was originally planned for September 2016. Due to concerns that there are not enough alternatives on the market, the deadline was extended by two years.

From now on, manufacturers can only offer lamps that have at least energy class B according to the European labeling scale.

According to the European Commission, halogen lamps use five times more energy than their alternative LED lights. With their production reductions, annual energy savings equal to the consumption of a country like Portugal for 5 years are saved.

Changes also mean a significant reduction of waste, because consumers in the European Union use less light bulbs every year. The emission of carbon dioxide in the air is also expected to be reduced. In addition, the new LED lamps are recyclable.

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