The bankruptcy of "Olympic", the collapse of the trade register, the newly discovered tomb-pyramid near Plovdiv …

The bankruptcy of the insurance company "Olymik" is one of the main topics in the newspapers on Monday

"Prime Minister Borisov will hold a meeting tomorrow with the Finance Minister, Vladislav Goranov and the Financial Supervision Commission ( The conversation will be the bankruptcy of the insurance company "Olympic" and propose to the Bulgarian parliamentarians to make legal proposals for changes to European legislation.We will do our utmost to, as far as the law allows, the customers of the Cypriot uprising, which is in liquidation, said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, quoted by the government's press service.Today Borisov has visited repairs in Stara Zagora, said BNT. "This would be a dangerous incident anyway – we'll help them with lawyers and whatever we can, to the extent permitted by law. If something happens, we want the state to help. But the state is the taxpayer, and when we say that the state must help, it means we distinguish ourselves from our taxes for this sphere, "he said in bankruptcy.

" A dangerous precedent for the state to pay before the bankruptcy of "Olympic", the prime minister announced Bulgaria wants to change the European legislation for the Cypriot insurer "A dangerous precedent is the state to help everything." The state is the taxpayer. If we say it helps, it means that Anyone who pays a tax spends money on these things, which means that everyone pays to those who have bought 20-30 levs of cheaper insurance, and you should think about it when you pay cheaper that there's probably a problem. take the risk of the raw material you buy. "So Prime Minister Boyko Borisov gave on Sunday the chance to help with the money from the guarantee fund of the others without insurance ering of his car's more than 200 thousand Bulgarians after the bankruptcy of "Olympic". "Populism has conquered all parties, we must not succumb because we will break the state," he added. "Borisov has summoned the Finance Minister, Vladislav Goranov, and the chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission, Karina Karaivanova, Monday morning in order to request a change in European legislation better control over the work of companies from one EU country on the territory of another, as is the case with the Cypriot company Olympus, explained Borisov. the Bulgarian customers of the company will be with lawyers and what it allows he said, adding that the money will be paid by the Cypriot guarantee fund, which will be interpreted Monday by the Minister of Finance Goranov and the FSC chief … " 24 hours a day, 19659002] "Mr. Prime Minister, do not lie to the Bulgarian taxpayers, you say that if the state intervenes and the victims of the insurance company" Olympi c "pay, this is the money of every Bulgarian taxpayer. This is a lie. "In this way BSP leader Kornelia Ninova turned to Prime Minister Borisov on Facebook and emphasized that he did not know the case or tried to adjust some Bulgarians against others" The funds in the guarantee fund are not collected by our taxes. These are contributions from the insurance companies themselves (including "Olympic"), as well as a guarantee for such cases ", writes Ninova Trud newspaper

" We will do our utmost to protect the law of the customers of the Cypriot insurance company, who is in liquidation, to help, "said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who has been doing repair work in Stara Zagora.Morning the Prime Minister will meet with Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov and the Financial Supervision Commission to discuss the situation and the Bulgarian to advise Members of the European Parliament to make legislative proposals in European legislation. "This would be dangerous precedent anyway – we will help them with lawyers and what we can, as far as the law allows. If something happens, we want the state to help. But the state is the taxpayer and when we say that the state should help, it means that we distinguish ourselves from our taxes for this sphere, "added Boyko Borisov …" – Standard newspaper.

The collapse of the commercial register is also one of the current issues

"Regarding the crash of the trade register, the prime minister said that all efforts were made and that the system would work completely by Wednesday their election broke with cyber attacks, there is a huge fury for everything, yes, it is not pleasant, but everyone is actively working to secure the system, "Borisov said. Boyko Borisov failed to brag that they were working well in the fight against smuggling and corruption, and with these funds many urban objects were reconstructed in the country … "Nowadays

" Former Executive Director of the Registry Zornitsa Daskalova has announced that with political pressure the attention "from direct contractors and responsible persons" to the collapse of the Trade Register, this statement reveals Daskalova in her resignation, which she deposited Friday with the Minister of Justice, and Tsetska Tsacheva accepted it immediately, reports "Legal World." Daskalova also says that he regards his withdrawal as a debt due to the unprecedented collapse of 9 August of the trade register by the registry. "The attempt to divert attention from direct contractors and responsible persons according to the signed contracts clearly speaks of political pressure from certain groups of people and their subjects," Daskalova writes to Tsacheva without saying a gaseous specific names of politicians and parties. In his resignation, Zornitsa Daskalova further states that "the registry office has all the documentation that proves the management decisions of each manager (which is reappointed almost every year) and the documented state of the systems." "I sincerely hope to reveal the real state of these state-critical systems, given the processes that have been observed and quoted above," she concludes. "- Dnevnik newspaper

C Sega reports that gambling is already a larger advertiser than mobile operators and almost equal to banks:" The advertising budgets of gambling companies in Bulgaria have already been almost aligned with those of banks and other credit institutions and weigh absolutely against the money, where mobile operators and car companies ensure ulyariziraneto in the media. This is evident from the data for the first half of the year, published by the media agency "Media Club". The enormous merit of the growth of the gambling company is the National Lottery, which stands up for the second consecutive year as advertiser №1 in Bulgaria. The lottery has spent about 13 million euros on television and print ads since early 2018, statistics show. With these costs, it surpasses one million euro companies such as Lidl and two companies in the pharmaceutical and food industry and many more representatives from the food industry, such as Coca-Cola. In the meantime. The National Lottery provided approximately 23 million euros for advertising, according to data from the Media Club. If the speed of expansion is maintained, the lottery for the ticket year will exceed the performance of last year by at least ten percent
There are still four companies in the list of advertisers in the gaming industry. Together they form a budget of approximately 22 million euros for this year. Such an investment can not be stimulated by telecom companies, but on their list are the three GSM operators together with two other companies, nor the car importers, where there are also five companies. The total costs of the telecom sector amount to approximately 18 million euros and car dealers approximately 13 million. Judging by the advertising allowance, the gaming industry generates a larger budget than the household chemical industry – detergents, detergents, etc. The total budget is around 16 million euros … "

Newspapers also hold publications about important archaeological finds

"An unknown fort was discovered in the area of ​​St. Thomas on an underwater expedition by a team from National Historical Museum, reported BTA. Underwater studies are a continuation of land surveys on the island since June this year, when a Thracian sanctuary, late-antique structures and a medieval monastery were found. Underwater tests were carried out by three divers who discovered fragmented ceramics at two locations. The first area, where highly fragmented ceramic vessels from the first millennium BC were found, is located in the southwestern expansion of the island. There are a number of stone blocks with straight walls and traces of processing, some with a length and one meter width, the archaeologists have told BTA. They suggest that it is an unknown fortress wall, the work of the ancient Thracians. From the south side of the island, at a depth of 9 meters, some of the late-antique amphora and well-worked limestone blocks were discovered, which were designed for the old building on the island. Archaeologists say that the island of St. Thomas in the past was part of the peninsula. "- Dnevnik daily

" Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is committed to providing public funding for the general unveiling and preservation of the ancient Thracian hill "Maltepe". The prime minister pointed out that by the end of September next year the hill must be completely unveiled. In his words, the unique Thracian tomb is the highest in Bulgaria and in Europe, and perhaps in the world after the Egyptian pyramids. High is more than 20 meters. It is believed that perhaps a Roman military emperor has been buried in it, but since the date of the tomb has not yet been established, the second assumed version is that it is the tomb of a Thracian ruler of the second century. "We have the chance that this complex is unique, not only for Plovdiv and Bulgaria, but also for the world," said Borisov. The prime minister investigated the excavations of the royal tomb and thanked Kostadin Kisyov, head of the excavations and director of the Archaeological Museum in Plovdiv and his team for what he had seen and told him. "I know that some of Kisyov's assumptions are based on scientific research and his efforts, so we will not play in parts," the prime minister said. He reminded that Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture next year, saying that this archaeological site will be a good gift both for the city and for Europe. So, according to the prime minister, it would be good to have completed the site earlier. For this reason, the government and the municipality will help to make the hard work hard and safe, and then the archaeologists will do the other work. "This is the highest grave in the world – 24 meters, and this kind of grave is unique to Bulgaria, so let the Bulgarians see it and be proud of its history," said the prime minister. "Three emperors have been murdered in this region and the graves of two of them do not know where they are and so there are different assumptions, but let's not talk and do not guess, but to help archaeologists as much as possible", added Boyko Borisov … "Standard Unity"

"Incredible discovery in the Balkans: emperor or king lying beneath the gigantic pyramid near Plovdiv" World wonder "named Borisov-tomb, of which the largest is only the mausoleum of Octavian Augustus in Rome This tomb will transform a worldwide attraction, once fully illuminated and illuminated, announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov after studying the excavations of Maltepe, the largest hill in the Balkans, 20 km from Plovdiv and it is already 8 meters from the south wall of a huge cemetery. "There is no such thing in the world if we exclude the Egyptian pyramids. The highest grave in the country is the Pomorie, but it is 5.5 meters. There are other similar turret towers in Rome and Palmyra but they reach 6 meters and ours is more than 20 meters "stated the archaeologist Assoc.Fast Kostadin Kisyov …" Three Roman emperors were killed in the Balkan countries and the graves of two of they still do not know where they are, "added the Prime Minister, who arrived on Saturday afternoon and took the hill, and before him came the Minister of Culture Boil Banov, who was on the site for the first time a week ago." not in a kiwi, "Banov asked the archaeologist Kissouv answered that everything is to be expected at the revelations on the hill It is also possible to find a chariot … Something unseen for the Balkans – a grave pyramid of 22 meters high, came out at the excavations at the village of Manole in Plovdiv. "The enormous size suggests that it is an imperial or one of the last Thracian kings," suspects Dr. Kostadin Kisyov. The grave near Plovdiv is even bigger than the s chat box of Atreus in Mycenae, the world's largest 14-meter high. Only Rome's mausoleum of Octavian Augustus rises to 42 meters. Experts in ancient architecture are amazed by the discovery on the Maltepe hill near the village of Manole. And they recognize that such a facility has not been seen in our countries and even in the Balkans. "It is majestic, at its highest point, where it is the narrowest, it is 7 to 7 meters wide and every next sector gets wider to reach 12 by 12 meters at the base." The hill itself was surrounded by the crepida of marble blocks with a length of 450 meters, "said archaeologist Kisyov sensationally, initially his team believed that there were two graves on top of each other in the huge mound.In the excavations, I established a building the foot of the dike Revelation now began from the top of the hill, where the roof of the old building first appeared. "We thought we had come to the second grave, but it turned out that the facility was one, colossal and impressive, "said the scientist, and the remaining remains rise to 20 meters on the site, which turned out to be 22 meters, as archaeologists discovered huge half-ton marble blocks that were destroyed by treasure hunters. They were a pedestal that carried on top of a statue, most likely she was buried or supreme deity worshiped in the tomb. "We hope to spend the next days around the roof and remains of the statue. unless it is stolen by the treasure hunters, "Kisyov said. The old building itself is in the form of a pyramid – something that has not yet been found in our country … "-" 24 часа "

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