The hotel "Marinella" opened and NRA illegally sealed it – News from Bulgaria

In today's order the Sofia Administrative Court canceled the "sealing" imposed by the NRA measure at the Marinella Hotel.

According to the reasoning in the ACCA definition, the reasons given by the NRA authorities for the "sealing" of the hotel are abstract and do not constitute grounds for the provisional execution of the CAM "sealing of the site".

The court also points out that the decision issued by the NRA authorities does not clearly show "… how to keep a certificate for the registration of IASVTD on site", the trader has created obstacles for the control bodies to Carry out extensive checks to set up and follow up on the correct and legal registration and reporting. realized sales for the relevant period ", which period is not specified, is further clarified in the act of the court.

After the verdict of the court has been issued, NRA authorities must immediately remove all sealing messages from the site.

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