The Orthodox Church celebrates the assumption of St. Ivan Rilski

August 18, 2018 | 07:26 | FOCUS News Agency

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  The Orthodox Church celebrates the assumption of St. Ivan Rilski Photo: FOCUS Information Agency

Sofia. On August 18, the Orthodox Church celebrated the Assumption of St. John the Rila Wonderworker – the heavenly patron saint of the Bulgarian people. The most famous and beloved national saint of the Bulgars was born around 876 in the village of Skrino, Kyustendil, at the foot of the Osogovo mountain. He came from a modest family, with an early tendency towards monastic life. Even then, he acquired some education, knowing the sacred books in which he sought wisdom and salvation. At the age of 25, Ivan left the legacy of the poor that his parents had left behind. In the beginning he was a monk in a nearby monastery (probably in St. Demetrius Monastery under the Ruen peak), looking for a suitable environment for loneliness, he stayed at various places (near Zemen, on the southern slope of the Vitosha mountain, etc.) Until he finally settled in the "Wilderness of the Pilgrim's Wilderness", where he later established the famous Rila Monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and in the course of time the hermit of Rila deserved a deserved authority: the testimony of his moral sovereignty, goodness, wisdom, a healer and a miracle machine everywhere A meeting with Ivan Rilski also sought King Petar himself (927-969) and although according to the livelihood of the saint was not eye to eye, but through exchange of messages, the ruler was grateful for the advice received. The Rila Monk Brotherhood originated in the 30th in the year of the 10th century, consisted of followers of St. John.In 941, when he sowed well …, performed great and glorious miracles, and when he reached a deep age, the abbot wanted to retire full privacy. He left his student Gregory as a successor and wrote his famous "Testament & # 39 ;. In this "crude and unclean will", as the saint expresses, he instructed the monks to surrender themselves to perfect poverty and sublime humility in the name of the faith of Christ in the Bulgarian lands & # 39; 39 ;. After five years of seclusion in the nearby cave, on 18 August 946 y quietly extinguished for the sinful earth world
Ivan Rilski was declared a saint by the Bulgarian church shortly after his death, and his relics were transferred to Sredets (Sofia) at the request of Tsar Peter. The then Bulgarians were grateful to God for lighting up such a "global light of the world" in the Bulgarian country. It was glorious next to St. Cyril and Methodius. The holy relics were from the beginning in the church "St. George, then to the wooden temple of St. Luke, and to the middle of the twelfth century in a newly built church named after the saint.In Sredets remained the relics of St Ivan Rilski until 1183, when the Hungarians invaded Byzantium and brought them to their capital, Esthergom (Gran), and on the basis of the peace treaty with the empire they returned them in 1186. In 1194/1195, when Sredets was released from the armies of Tsar Asen I (1186-1196), the holy relics of the Rila miracle worker were solemnly transferred to the capital Tarnovo.The procession with the imperishable body of the Bulgarian Father was a brilliant demonstration of the revived Bulgarian state. was accompanied by an elite military detachment, after which it entered the newly built "St. Ivan Rilski "on the Trapezitsa Hill The relics of St. Ivan lay in Tarnovo for nearly three centuries, and from the capital of Asenevci the cult of the Bulgarian national saint crossed the borders of the kingdom to obtain an orthodox dimension. In 1469, Rila monks received permission from the sultan to return the relics of their patron to the Rila Monastery, where they are still present.We have dedicated many and varied works to St. Ivan Rilski, including the so-called National Vivise. , the vitae written by Georgi Skilitsa (in Greek), XII c.), By Patry pixels Evtimii "Rila novel" Vladisslav Gramatic the life of praise Dimitar Kantakuzin (XV c.) His image came earlier in the Bulgarian iconography, the oldest preserved pieces from the 14th century
The church honors the memory of his great father on August 18 (as well as on November 1). In fact, the autumn celebration of St. Ivan Rilski is celebrated today in Bulgaria and by the Bulgarian communities abroad (western suburbs, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, USA, Canada, etc.).

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