The trade register is expected to resume its activities at the end of the week (OBZOR)

August 22, 2018 | 04:10 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Information office

The trade register is expected to resume its activities at the end of the week (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS Information Office

Sofia. The trade register is expected to be active again by the end of the week. This was announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov at an extraordinary session in parliament, where he presented members of the European Parliament with information on the security of information from the Registry and the Ministry of Justice. The Prime Minister explained that he has the guarantees of the state agency for electronic government that the crisis has been overcome. The personnel of the register, the company that supports the trade register, SANS, DGCOC, etc., Work in the problem-solving team, where a Japanese expert has an IT expert.
"By 31 August, the administrative authorities should prepare the procedures for backing up the state registers developed by them, and work is currently under way to prepare a repository for backing up the data from the critical registers. ", Prime Minister Borisov said. He added that until 3 September an analysis of the transport capacity must be carried out and a data security plan must be drawn up.
Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev pointed out that the information from the commercial register is fully preserved and that there is no loss of electronic data.
The Minister of Justice, Tsetska Tsacheva, explained that the Executive Director of the Registry Office Zornitsa Daskalova gave a report in September last year to the company that kept the register. "It specifies six IT problems and proposals to solve them and they are completed as quickly as possible," explained Tsacheva. According to her, a contract was signed for the purchase of equipment for BGN 3.6 million.
GERB chairman, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, asked whether the problem with the trade register is deliberate sabotage of the company that supports it. In turn, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov asked GERB delegates not to comment on this subject and to have the specialists do their work. "If you raise your hat, they will simply crash us, so we need to think about how we can make our own protections so that we do not get into the hands of a company," Borisov explained. He pointed out that the whole story with the register is a good earring, so that such problems do not occur in the future.
During the extraordinary meeting of the opposition, the government criticized the case for the register. "No one told Bulgarian society and Bulgarian citizens how much the Bulgarian economy lost to the collapse of the trade register for these days, no matter what you do, people do not believe there is no intention when it comes to recovering data that has been erased obligations, businesses, they do not believe you – the only solution would have been if Mr Borissov had submitted the government's resignation to the National Assembly today, "remarked BSP leader Cornelia Ninova. The opposition also demanded the dismissal of the Minister of Justice. Prime Minister Borisov responded and pointed out that they are constantly looking for resignation. "I have often made early parliamentary elections and you know the results. Allow six months to hold early parliamentary elections – this will be a precedent in Europe," the prime minister remarked.

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