They found tuberculosis on a farm in Strelcha – Livestock

A primary outbreak of tuberculosis was found in a farm in Strelcha. Emergency measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the disease, the municipality said in a statement.

On Friday, August 17, the Municipal Epizootic Committee held an extraordinary meeting due to the situation. It has been decided to introduce controls to prevent contamination of other animals. The restrictions in the commission's commission apply to both livestock and companion animals throughout the municipality.

It is forbidden to export farm animals and domestic animals without eartags and chips, as well as non-compulsory immunizations. Farmers are obliged to indicate to the district veterinarian the species, sex and number of animals they hold, and to give them identification, immunization and diagnostic tests, including tuberculosis.

Storage sites for cultivation, watering, feed and fertilizers and around them must be disinfected.

It is forbidden to keep markets and exhibitions of pets, farm animals and their products on the territory of the municipality of Strelcha.

Although there is no ban on the use of milk, experts recommend that the liquid is consumed only after heat treatment.

Pastors and owners of farm animals and pets are required to perform laboratory tests, including those in direct contact with animals.

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