Ukrainian and Chinese honey undercut the price of the Bulgarian

"The import of Ukrainian and Chinese honey undermines the price of Bulgarian, and beekeepers have a lot of problems, both internally and externally." This was stated by Nikolay Gaidov, chairman of the apiculture association of Akatsion 1899. According to him, there is no organization to unite beekeepers and protect their interests.

In his words, the outsiders are negligent on the part of the government. Gaidov added that he expects funds for beekeepers to increase in the next programming period. Currently, copper producers receive targeted funds under the National apiculture program, reminds the FOCUS agency.

Substantially lower honey yields are reported this year by beekeepers in the country. In comparison with the previous season, we have …

"These are grants that reach only 1500 people with more than 4000 registered funds, which are insufficient, but the problem is that they may not be distributed well, spread through different measures, etc. the measures are not well planned, they are not they are being transferred to other measures, we expect these funds to be doubled by the EU by 2020. The coordination of the Ministry and the beekeepers can also be allocated these funds I would like beekeepers, I think it's good to have them and allocate funds where necessary and feathers where they could improve the situation of individual beekeepers, "Gaidov said.
As another problem he pointed to the realization of the wholesale output, which is very low, with very low prices.

"There is also a problem with the health of the bee families, because last year was extremely heavy – there was a lot of mortality among bee families. There are other diseases that are not endorsed by the scientific fields of beekeeping. Beekeepers do not know how to treat their bee families and against what. Perhaps there should be a monitoring of the diseases of the bee families, as they are currently doing in France, "noted Gaidov.

The European Commission has approved Bulgaria's application for the registration of Strandzha mann honey as a protected designation of origin, …

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