Weather: mostly sunny News manager

Today it will be mostly sunny with maximum temperatures between 30 ° and 35 °. For the Sofia region the temperatures will be around 29 °

. In the afternoon there may be temporary cloud rises and in some places in the northern and mountainous regions it will be poorly accessible

It will be bad in the east of Bulgaria to moderate northeast wind

the mountains will also be sunny before noon and in the afternoon the cloud will temporarily stagger. In some places it will be short-lived. It will blow a moderate north-easterly wind. The maximum temperature at 1200 m altitude will be around 24 °, and at 2000 m – approximately 16 °

The sea will be sunny with moderate north-easterly winds. The maximum temperatures are between 29 ° and 31 °. The seawater temperature will be 27 °. The excitement of the sea will be about 2-3 balls.

The sun appeared today at 06:36 and will drop at 20:24. Duration of the day is 13:48

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