Allegri: We did well with our first serious test – Italy – European football

Juventus coach Massimiliano Alligi was happy with a 2-0 victory over Lazio. The coach has comments on his team at certain moments, but he praised his players who did well during their first big test this season.

"It was a completely different game than Chievo, the start was slightly spread, I was afraid that the players would not be influenced by the enthusiasm of Cristiano's first game for our fans, we had to stay more calm, it was difficult to move the ball between the lines, but gradually we started to defend ourselves well and in the second half we were satisfied with our performance, which was our first serious test against one of the big rivals in the championship and we did well. We slept, we were nervous in the other and we generally need a better balance, sometimes we open a lot of space, and we had to be more active when the rival got tired, "says Allegri.

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