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The Spanish Barcelona-champion won 3: 0 against Alayes in a match from the first round of the Primera Division, played in Camp Nou. Lionel Messi scored a pretty goal from a direct free kick (63) and formed the final result in the 93rd. The first shot was under No. 6000 for the Catalans in the championship. Besides Messi he also had two bars. In the 83rd Reserve, Philippe Coutinho confirmed the success with a second goal. The Catalans climbed to the top in the preliminary classification side by side with Levante.

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) August 18, 2018

In the 12th Leo he admired with a magnificent exitpass to Luis Suarez, the Uruguayman who stepped out of ambush, but he did not manage himself in the field. Picke safe, and in this case Marc-André Ter Stegen went inaccurately ahead, in the 16th made Me ssi a second blow – accurate this time. The Argentinian shot 19 meters straight into the hands of Pacheco. A minute later Johnny slipped between Samuel Umtiti and Alba, while he played the ball but could not shoot

In the 31st Dembele, the penalty area was cleverly withdrawn, but he found no way to take a good photo. A minute later Messi gave a great new ball, but Dembele did not find Suarez in the attempt. In the 36th Messi Center on the right, and Rakitic, his head distorted, perhaps even with his hand. The 38th Leo crossed the crossbar after a great free kick. The goalkeeper was overwhelmed, but centimeters removed the genius from a straight goal of a static position. After a strike against the bar, the ball went past the goal.

A minute later, Messi Dembele pulled very well, who only did not act very well against the goalkeeper and allowed the keeper to save. In the 41st, Luis Suarez scored for a pass and only won a corner after transferring the goal, but the defender for the goalkeeper succeeded. The boys from Ernesto Valverde picked up the last ten minutes at halftime but did not reach a goal. Statistics after the end of the game showed a huge advantage for the Catalans in knowing the ball 75:25, as well as the impact of the doors.

During the break, the coach of los coules eliminated the passive Nelson Semedo and dropped Cootinho. Sergi Roberto took his usual position in the last few seasons of a right-wing defender. In the 48th Dembale, Alba led the ball into the penalty area with a shot from the keeper of the Victorians. In the 54th Suarez shot vigorously, the ball passed between the defender's legs but was softened and no longer a threat
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In the 58th Messi passed by the ball safely over the beam. In the 60th, Messi escaped from the ambush, but he did not appreciate the ball and the goalkeeper took a good position. In the 64th Leo Messi found the result after a well thought-out shot under the wall. The Argentinian pushed the ball into a bowl of players and hit the nearest corner of the goalkeeper with a goal of 19 meters – 1: 0. Only two minutes later, the Argentinian hit a second bar. He turned the ball very technically, overtook the guard, but the ball came straight up from the right column

A 73-person Luis Suarez appeared only against the goalkeeper and missed the dispute and fired in the hands of Pacheco. In the 77th, Valverde picked up Dembele and dropped Arthur to heal the middle of the field. In the 77th, Valverde picked up Dembele and dropped Arthur to heal the middle of the field. In 82nd Kouttinjo received the ball in the penalty area, but could not send it to the net from a small angle. A minute later, the Brazilian took the ball into the field, had space and used it in the best way, tumbling the goal with a 2: 0 rebound.

After the second goal, the Basque Guard went down and made the attacks even easier. So in the 93rd, Messi went into the penalty area and scored 3: 0 after the landing to the nearest corner. For example, Barcelona has defended its title and satisfied its followers

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