Barca took on Valladolid without sparking + VIDEO

Barcelona defeated Valladolid with a minimum of 1-0 in a match of the second round of the Spanish La Liga, played in the "Jose Soria" stadium.

The players of coach Ernesto Valverde showed a rather sparse game, enough to win the three points. The only goal in the meeting was Usman Dembele (57). In the added time of the game, the hosts scored an equalizing goal, which was canceled after a video assessment.

So Barca has a whole series of runs after his first two games and broke out at Real Madrid, who will visit Girona at 23:15 in Bulgarian time tomorrow.

The game started relatively similar, with the hosts showing that they were not afraid of the champions and for the first time in the 7th minute a dangerous situation came. Enes Junal shoots elegantly from the edge of the streamer. However Mark-Andre Stegen was in place and saved.

17 minutes into the match, Lionel Messi made a wonderful pass pass to Jordi Alba, who struck goalkeeper George Massip. The defender did not control the ball, however, and the Valladolid watch caught the ball.

In the 22nd minute Usman Dembele missed a good chance to find the result. The Frenchman got the ball on the edge of the streamer and made a powerful photo on the ground. However, the globe crashed in a few centimeters from the left bar.

In the 30th minute Marc-André ter Stegen demonstrated a big reflex, which saved Fernando Calero from a distance after a corner.

In the next few minutes the dangerous positions alternated for the two doors, but the great appearances of Ter Stegen and Massip prevented the targets from being picked up during the meeting.

In the 43rd minute Lionel Messi got a good chance to reach Barcelona after he was soiled a few meters from the edge of the pennant. The Argentine played the next free kick, but the ball went slightly above the bar. So the first half ended without goals.

At the beginning of the second part, the hosts missed a good chance. Enes Junal had to tip the ball after whistling. But the ball went centimeters from the right bar.

In the 57th minute, Usman Dembele opened the score. Sergi Roberto turned left with a head to the left and sent the ball to the uncovered Frenchman, who did not close the chance at Massip – 0: 1.

In the 70th minute Ruben Alcaras got a good pass from the penalty area and made a technical shot. But the ball went past the left bar.

In the 77th minute Kiko rose above everything and drove to the left. The footballer sent the ball dangerously close to the door, but Ter Stegen was out of place and caught.

In the 83rd minute Luis Suarez sent the ball to the door. However, the goal was canceled, as the Uruguayan was in a very thin ambush.

In the 90-minute reserve, Malcom was delighted by the keeper alone. The footballer shot a shot, but Massip showed a great reflex and was saved.

In the added time of the game, Valladolid scored a goal, but judge Ricardo de Burgos Bengochea indicated that he wanted to check his regularity via the videotape system, which led to the cancellation of the ambush for ambush.

Valladolid – Barcelona 0: 1

Top scorers: Usman Dembele (57)

Valladolid: Maspal, Mojano, Kiko, Calero, Nacho, Borha (Keko 65 & # 39;), Alcaras, Plano, Tuhami, Tony (Verde 87 & # 39;), Yunal
coach: Sergio Gonzalez

Barcelona: Terre Stegen, Roberto, Pique, Umtiti, Alba, Buscakes, Rakitic, Kouttinho (Malcom 84), Dembele (Vidal 76), Messi, Suarez (El Hadadi 90 +1)
coach: Ernesto Valverde

Valladolid Stadium "Jose Soria"
judge: Ricardo de Burgos Benguela
Yellow cards: Junal (Valladolid); Pique (Barcelona)

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