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The German Bayern Munich champion has successfully started defending his title in the Bundesliga. The Bavarians defeated Hoffenheim in the first match of the German championship for the season 2018/19 with a victory of 3: 1. Tomas Mueller (23), Robert Lewandowski (82 & # 39;) and Arien Robben (90 & # 39;) scored the goals of the winner and Adam Salay (57 & # 39;) scored the third prize for the past campaign. Bayern, for the seventh year in a row, started the championship with a victory. And in the six previous occasions at the end of the season, the Munichians celebrate the title of Germany.

The hosts of the door are expected to be team captain Manuel Neuer. The four for him are Joshua Kimih, Niklas Zule, Jerome Boateng and David Alabama. In the middle of the field will be played by Tiago Alcantara and Javier Martinez, and in the attack of the racquet Robert Lewandowski will help Thomas Mueller, Frank Ribery and Kingsley Commander.

The young mentor of Yulian Nagelsman has decided to bet on the 3-5-2 tie, with the two attackers in the team being the Hungarian Adam Salay and the new addition Joelington.

Probably the game started with the pressure of the champions. The first more dangerous option for one of the two teams came in the 12th minute. After a corner for the home team, the ball reached Boateng, who shot his head, but his shot was blocked. The next corner for Bayern in the 23rd minute was not so lucky. After a perfect centering of Kimi Thomas Mueller rose above everything and sent the ball to the net for 1: 0. A few minutes later, new attacks on the Munich were reported.

In the 34th minute Hoffenheim reached his first danger in the game. Unfortunately, Joelietton had a good chance to defend in the center of the goal, but his ball went wide. Three years later, Kingsley Comman shot off an opponent and only left Oliver Bowman, who killed his shot. At the last moment of the first half, however, Coman fell into the field with ankle problems after Nico Schultz had entered. So the young Frenchman was forced to be replaced by veteran Arien Robben.

In the 54th minute, the Dutchman made one of his brand breaks, which ended with a shot from the edge of the penalty area, which took off. The guests waited for their moment, which came in the 57th minute. Then Salai shot Boateng and reached the score with a measured blow in the far corner.

There were minutes of silence, which lasted until the 78th. Then a penalty was awarded to Bayern, after Bowman, in an attempt to take the ball from Ribery, left the wing. Lewandowski executed the punishments that the keeper managed to defeat. Run Robben managed to score a goal. However, it was canceled after consultation with the head referee with the BAR. It turned out that the Dutchman had invaded the criminal field before the battle of the Polish citizen. With a penalty on the left, Lewandowski tried to give his team a chance by throwing the ball right into the corner.

In the 86th minute a new goal for the Bavarian players was canceled. A far-fetched jerk in the reserve, Leon Goretzka, rebounds in Müller's hand and goes into the net. Again VAR helped the head referee in this situation because he immediately corrected the result. Robben, however, came in the added time of the game to a normal hit after a quick combination after touch.

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