Botev (Pd) defeated the "bistric tigers" and overcame them


Vitosha (Bistritsa) lost 0-2 at home from Botev (Pd) in a game from the sixth round of the First League and registered a third consecutive home defeat. Todor Nedelev (32) realized the only goal for "canaries", who returned to the winning streak after two consecutive losses of Beroe with 1: 2 as guests and of the city rival Loko (Pd) with 0: 1.

CSKA Nestor El Maestro coached the competition from the stands, started a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Svoge bus accident during the day.

"Kanarcheta" played harder during the game and congratulated the three points in a logical way, although they made a lot of holes. Shortly after the start of the 6th minute, the goal of Diogo Campos for the hosts was canceled for an ambush. Christian Dimitrov and Minev were missed from the penalty 32 minutes into the match, with Todor Nedelev taking a direct free kick right in front of the penalty area and scored for 0: 1. By the end of the half-time, Georgiev Baltanov was able to stop the ball. while Anti Renia did not get enough of the hosts.

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After the break in the 47th minute, the guests could double their lead. Baltanov led Neddelev to the left in the penalty area of ​​Vitosha, but the latter sent the ball into the crossbar. Three minutes later, Ivaylo could equalize Lazarov, but after his hard blow, the ball went out. There followed boring minutes without the two doors, and in the 70th minute there was a battle between the two teams and a formal warning for Christian Dimtrov.

In the final minutes Botev played harder to find a second goal and after Gustavo Aphonse and Stevan Petkov missed it in the last few seconds. Then Gustavo Amfonso (90 + 3) used the mistake of goalkeeper Georgiev and formed the final result.

After his third success of the season, Botev (Pd) collected 9 points and came out in fifth place for the other rounds. Vitosha also has 9 points but is already seventh.

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First competition – season 2018/2019

Vitosha (Bistritsa) – Botev (Pd) 0: 2
0: 1 Todor Nedeliev (32), 0: 2 Gustavo Aphonse (90 + 3)

The compositions
Vitosha (Bistrica): 12. Nikolai Georgiev, 2.Todor Gochev, 10.Georgi Amzin (6820.Ivailo Klimentov), ​​16.Radko Mutafchijski , Petko Tsankov, 19 Antiti Renia, 24.George Kupenov, 80.Lachezar Kotev (87)45.Garor Dolapchiev), 88.Ivaylo Lazarov, 99.Stefan Hristov , 96. Nazko Milev
reserves: 1.Hristian Vassilev, 6.Roumen Gionov, 7.Kristian Kochilov, 14.Cetin Sadula, 20.Ivailo Klimentov, 45.Grigor Dolapchiev, 94.Ivaylo Todorov
coach: Rosen Kirilov

Botev (Plovdiv)22. Daniele Kaiser, 28. Filip Filipov, 5. Kristian Dimitrov , 6. Kostadin Nichev, 23. Yordan Minev, 10.Sercan Yusein (8118. Radoslav Terziev), 17. Lachezar Baltanov , 8. Todor Nedelev , 93. Gustavo Amfonso , 9.Diogo Campos (55Stephen Petkov ), 39. Antonio Vutov (6716.Vasil Shopov)
reserves: 99.Ivan Chvorovich, 2.Jonathan Sousa, 14.Stanislav Shopov, 16.Vasil Shopov, 18.Radoslav Terziev, 20.Stefan Petkov, 7.Milko Georgiev
coach: Nikolay Kirov

bistrica stadium "Vitosha"
judgeGeorgi Davidov

The most interesting in minutes with BLISTER:
1 – Start of the match.
1 – The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Svoge bus accident during the day. CSKA Nestor El Maestro coach is in the stands.
3 – Todor Nedelev of the guests made a distant and inaccurate stroke.
6 – The goal of Diogo Campos of the hosts was canceled due to an ambush.
12 – Cristian Dimitrov recognized a free kick and made the ball fade.
26 – Minev centers in the home field and Gotsev has clear contact.
32 – Golem for Botev! Todor Nedelev led a direct free kick just before the edge of the penalty area and scored for 0: 1.
41 – Baltanov kicks dangerously at Georgiev's door, which he saved.
43 – Anti Renia scored a shot but did not reach for a goal for the guests.
45 – End of the first part!
46 – Beginning of the second half.
47 – BROTHER for Botev! Baltanov led Neddelev to the left in the penalty area of ​​Vitosha, but the latter passed the crossbar.
50 – Ivaylo Lazarov got a great opportunity to clear, but after a hard blow, the ball went away.
57 – Ivaylo Lazarov's shot was saved without problems by Daniel Kaiser.
70 – Clashes and quarrels between players of both teams and Cristian Dimitrov got a yellow card.
74 – A great opportunity for Gustavo Amfonso, who was unable to scramble up close.
82 – Dangerous centering in the penalty area of ​​the home side, where no one could detect the ball.
88 – Steven Petkov's guests made an incredible pass up close.
90 + 3 – Golem for Botev! Gustavo Amfonso used the mistake of goalkeeper Georgiev and formed the end result.
90 + 3 – End of the game! Botev (Pd) won 2: 0 and scored a third win for the season after two consecutive losses.

legend: target , own goal yellow card , second yellow card , Red card shift , A dangerous situation

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