Cold-blooded Dortmund escapes early Cup-drop – Football World – Germany

Borussia Dortmund made a dramatic turn-over on Gregor Furth and after 2: 1 after extra time he was ahead of the German cup tournament.

The reserve Axel Watsel scored in his debut in the fifth minute of the added time of the regular 90 minutes to set 1: 1 and save his team from dropping in the first round of the race.

Watsel was right after a pass from Marco Royce and sent the game in sequels, and in the 121st minute Royce himself brought the ultimate success.

The two teams played an intriguing clash, with the Dortmunds having more chances, but the second round Greyter Furth missed more goals.

Daniel Kayta-Rueel of the home team tries his luck in the eleventh minute and in the 26th Marco Royce shoots away from the goal of the opponent.

In the 31st new strike by the captain of Borussia, Marco Royce was suspended after goalkeeper Sasha Burcher and 60th defender blocked a shot from Mario Goetze. With the addition, Christian Pulisic sent the ball over the door of Greuther Furth.

That was the 77th minute when Sebastian Ernst made no mistake and gave the hosts a head start. They already saw the victory when they were registered as a reserve in the 74th minute in the 74th Watsel equalized for 1: 1 and sent the game in extra time.

Here the hosts again had a chance to lead, but Borussia's guard Roman Buryk had twice saved his door, especially in the 113th minute when Fabian Reze ran into him.

The guests from Dortmund brought their strike to the end again. In the first minute of added time, Marco Royce got a great pass from Jason Sancho and scored 2: 1 with the success of his team.

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