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There are days left for one of the biggest matches in the history of boxing between Anthony Joshua and Alexander Peketkin, and the tension rises logically enormously. One of the biggest boxing promoters, Eddie Hern, warned his British client of a threat that could come from outside the four corners.

As is known, the great British boxer Alexander Poketkin will encounter in a clash the next Saturday at 9:55 PM. The Wembley Gala evening can watch live DIEMA SPORT 2, and online PLAY DIEMA XTRA BG.

Eddie Hurin has trusted that his expectations are not only to bring Pequitin's team behind his corner, but also to have the heavy hand of the Russian government in the presence of President Vladimir Putin.

The concerns of the promoter stem from tensions in the political environment between the United Kingdom and Russia after the poisoning of the former spy Sergei Scripal and his daughter Julia in March.

"There will not only be the head office of Welkin, but the entire country that he represents, and, as is well known, the Cabinet will be present to Vladimir Putin after the country is behind him," Hearn told the English media. "They will all be involved, for them it is a mission to beat a Brit and a Russian and become a heavyweight world champion," said One Horn.

Pomkinin challenged Joshua for all of his string titles – WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO.

"He and his team know how important this fight is on Saturday, it's not just a world title match, it's much more than a fight," Hearn said.

"If I have to be honest with you, I think this will add extra flavor to the next gala, we're working in a good news company, believe that Anthony knows very well that he's expecting a very tough crash, but the training that he leads is one I've never seen before, accept that every boxing fan in England knows how tough this game is, Joshua accepts it five times, "Eddie Hearn concludes.

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