Georgi Petkov: I am ready to help Bulgaria, people will say that I am doing great – First League – BG Football

Gladiator of Slavia – Georgi Petkov, who plays very strong matches for his team, said Sportal.bgThat he is ready to help the national team of Bulgaria. In this way he ended the speculation that he had refused a call from Petar Hubchev.

"This is another intrigue, I have not been talking to Hubchev, but now people will think I have played two strong games and I am fine." To deny Bulgaria means that you run away from responsibility. 39, n person, I never did it, I'm ready to help the national team If I'm invited, I'll accept it, but let's let Hubchev make his choice quietly, I do not hesitate to call me, but if they do, I will stand in line for Bulgaria, "Petkov said

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