Grisha Ganchev throws more balls, CSKA continues with his selection

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CSKA attracted 7 players in the summer, but the selection is far from over. More than one or two messages are expected from the army. At least in the first days of September there will certainly be a new footballer in the team.

One of the possible options is Georgi Milanov, who is split with CSKA Moscow and still has no team. The Reds are not interested in Alexander Tonev, who has been a free agent for more than half a year. Such a development of the selection is already well known to the army.

For the third consecutive year, the team from the Borisov garden will be strengthened at the beginning of September during the break for the national teams. In 2016 Ruben Pinto, Rui Pedro and Vilmar Jordan were recruited during the season, initialed in the last days of August, and Stanislav Manolev, who arrived in early September. Last year the Boris Gardens again had "in motion" transfers after the club had signed with the central defender Alexander Barth and midfielder Raul Loe.

Interestingly, six of the four players who were recruited during this period are no longer part of the team. Only Manolev and Pinto remain in the composition, while Rui Pedro, Jordan, Loe and Bart have not lived in the army for twelve months.

CSKA will now complete the composition around September, with the priority to further deepen the floor. Reds have many attack options, although two of the wings are currently in the infirmary (Enrique and Georges) and in the middle of the field. However, there is something to be desired as a variant of the bank and work in this direction. Today it will be clear how long they will be absent on the grounds of Zheferson and Georges.

The club recently broke with player Stefano Beltrame (25). The player of Juventus continued his career in the Dutch Den Bosch. Reds was also interested in some of Monaco's talents, but there was no deal on this line.

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