Hubchev: Neither Poppeto nor Despoord can decide a match

National coach Peter Hubchev gave a press conference before the start of the League of Nations and the first two matches of the team are with Slovenia on the 6th and with Norway on 9 September. In comparison with the last check of the team against the Kazakh team, there are 11 changes, and that says enough, says Hubchev.

"The players who should play are here, there are a few guys who have to play today, and the last one has to be at 13:30 tomorrow, all healthy, there are a few periods that always exist in football. is more serious and it is clear that the evaluation of a coach comes from the results of what we mean by rejuvenating, etc. We are convinced that these six games will take them seriously, more than 100%. little naive, but I think even today a game of the national team, whether it is friendly and friendly, can be accepted seriously.To convince the players with my team.I do not see how the game of the national team is not can be accepted lightly, "Hubcheva began.

"We deliberately called such guys who have qualities, thanks to these qualities we wanted to put together a team, I talk about bigger struggles, engagement, self-separation, etc. We have proved, albeit only in some games, that with these qualities successful, and my personal motivation is to place a team of guys for the real qualifying matches, and we will not allow to underestimate even a training in the national team and I can not wait to come together and the players to tell ", he added.

"We take all matches in the League League seriously, and the fact that there are 11 new boys is indicative, we try to get some very young boys, and I look at boys of the 17-year-old, 19. I think we have enough talented boys, young who can be developed, it was very difficult and difficult because the choice is not very big, in the leading teams foreigners dominate this, according to the rules we can not judge this or that. boys are the ones that are most suitable for the national team, "continued the special lt; / RTI & gt;

"At the moment we have chosen the most educated, there is no leading favorite in our group, so I think we have seen a lot of matches, interesting games, the championship is very interesting for me, just look at the rankings, let's go further with the end, before you have tactical questions.George Donkov looks at Slovenia, Levon looks at Norway, they watch both teams live, let's not comment on our decisions, we can talk tomorrow why we have Lyaskov, Nedyalkov, Boduruff or have called someone else, we have left it left to comment, the decision on our list is like that, and let's leave it like this ", says national coach.

"There is not one of those who have been called to trust that he will decide the game, there is no one to build tactics in. In your eyes, I look and tell you, neither Popov nor Kiril Despodov nor can we count on it. team you saw during the World Cup, as the stars could not solve the problems of their teams Yes, Messi and Ronaldo did not become weaker players, but the team of Croatia has shown what a team spirit is, but there the Croatian mastery as a team team was great to bring our team, as it was in other years, I did not seem to have any growth in our nationalities Yes, the young people we mentioned show a step forward, but if they are satisfied, they will be the last call and I can not guarantee you or the president of the Bulgarian Football Association that we qualify for a World or European Championship ", Peter Hubchev concluded.

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