Hubchev revealed how he chooses on a national level


The breeder of the Bulgarian national football team Peter Hubchev is satisfied with the efforts of the players in the last three training days and his attitude towards the League of Nations tournament, in which they will start a visit to Slovenia. Nationals visit stagnation in Stojice tomorrow at 9:45 pm Bulgarian time, and three days later they accept Norway at "Vasil Levski" in Sofia.

"What happened in those three days is completely satisfying for me, they all train in a way I have not imagined, very disciplined and motivated, everything is fine, we have a lot of new boys, but these things are a a little excited about the fans, they want results and the guys know it, Martin Rainov shows courage, he does not even recognize the pain, the rest is healthy, "said Hubchev during the press conference before tomorrow's meeting.

"Three days ago we realized that the coaches would try to convey the meaning of these matches, we want to play them seriously, I only regret the time I spend with these guys, I want them longer, I hope we'll can tell you how important the games of this tournament are.Of course, we will seek victory.You will hardly find a man in the sport who will tell you he will not play for victory, "said Hubchev, saying that this is one of the criteria was for choosing footballers for the national team.

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"We are not just talking about a more masculine attitude for just this game or these qualifiers, but one of the components we choose for players is that in the national we can not talk about rejuvenation, they are young, but they are here because they have qualities.One are older.The last thing we look at is their club philosophy and then the years.In any case, the rejuvenation of the national team is not an end in itself ", said the coach and said that he for the match with Slovenia would not be justified by the absence of players who are generally in its plans.

"Slovenia is a good team, there are 4-5 big players who play the game, the details are spoken in the dressing room, we have to watch our team – play with wrestling and self-reliance." It is clear to me that the assessments for me and The team will be given about the results, this is important, and this time, not forgetting previous qualifications and good competitions, it is very easy to mention 6 to 10 names for boys who, if they are healthy and have teams, here it is easy to use them as an alibi ".

"In the way that the boys were not only in training, but also outside the field, I am fascinated, but a professional thinking, but I have comments about some of the boys for their physical training." What is said in the national team is only for the national team, and the moment they leave the national team, they fulfill their obligations to the club teams, and the attitude and discipline are generally good, "concluded Hubchev. .

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