Ivan Petkov: We already think of Turkey

Ivan Petkov, national coach of Bulgaria, welcomed the motivation of our volleyball players in the pure victory over Cuba in Sapporo during the World Cup.

"After winning 3: 0 I am satisfied, but I can not say that after the match with Italy I was dissatisfied, this match with the Italians was the debut for the championship team and at such a high level. to be more worried and not to show the potential we have, I'm not saying that Cuba's team is the right barometer for the level we need to play, but today was a game in which we went from the first to the last minute exceptional motivation, desire and self-respect and the dynamics of the course showed with the speed of the game we want to see.On serve, block and attack we have worked very well. Cuba is a sufficient athletic rival whose attack strength in certain degree is not weaker than that of Italy, we were stiffer against the Italians, but of course the level of the two teams is different, "the coach told the BNR.

"There is a match with Turkey that has gained a lot of experience in recent years, but that does not mean we should not play the meeting in the best way, we can not be surprised, the question is how we will enter the meeting and which setting we will play it in. I have no doubt that our team will have the stance of a fight in which we have to prove ourselves that we can play against such strong rivals, "concluded Petkov.

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