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Juventus & # 39; team defeated Parma with 1: 2 in a third round of the A series. Bianconer & # 39; s big star Cristiano Ronaldo failed in his third attempt to find his Italian championship. Today, Mario Manjukich Juve has already taken the lead in the second minute. Attacking on the wings today was good for Juan Quadrado and they managed to get the ball from the middle to the wings to get to the ground. In the 33rd minute Gervinho got the equalizer after finding a good centering, and in the 58th minute Bless Matthew brought the "old lady" into the score for the second time.
In the same scheme, the hosts of Parma were also arranged. Sepe was at the door, with Galiolo, Bruno Alves, Jacoponi and Massimo Gobi ahead of him. Rigoni Sulak and Barilla were the selectors who ruined the game of Juventus, while Gervinio, Inglese and Diego Gaudio tried to surprise the Italian champion.

Massimiliano Alligi & # 39; s players started fast and in the second minute they reached a goal in the door of Sepe, realized by Mario Manjukic. Croatian scored a good centering of Juan Quadrado, unable to send the ball to the door in his first attempt. The defender of Parma did not succeed well and let Mandukich play the ball for the second time. This time the striker did not make a mistake and put the "bianconers" forward in the score.

In the eleventh minute, Sami Kedra tried a good left kick outside the penalty area that was defeated by Sepe. Three minutes later, the Parma team crossed the crossbar after a proper execution of a Stulack violation. Leonardo Boncuci was able to go through the middle with an elbow, but his swipe was well taken care of by the left side.

In the 32nd minute Gervinho scored the score and took advantage of the defensive error of Juve. Centered Gobi on the left wing was continued with the head of Roberto Ingléze, and the boxer was the most compelling and managed to send the ball into the door of Schichens.

In the added time of the first half Wojciech Szkisny made a great save by keeping the game. Gervinho joked with Quadrado and then drew the ball parallel with the free Luca Rigoni. The Italian midfielder fired hard, but with an impressive plan Shicheni managed to save.

47 minutes into the match, Cristiano Ronaldo tried a volley volley, but the ball went wide. Three minutes later, Alex Sandro threw a good ball towards Sami Kedera, who could not get his shot inside the door.

In the 54th minute Cristiano Ronaldo missed a good chance, discovered in the penalty area. The ball reached somewhat by accident at the foot of the Portuguese who fired, but rather inaccurately. In the 52nd minute, Bles Matthews scored the "old lady" for the second time. The French midfielder ended a good attack, started by Alex Sandro.

The defender surrendered to Mario Manjukic in the penalty area, and the Croatian bowed to fifth place to Matthew's second-placed player. The midfielder of Jouve shoots from a minimal angle and the ball enters the door of Scorupski.

Douglas Kosta's shot from the left 74 minutes in front hit Skorupski on the right wing. In the 87th minute, Sepe passed through Kosta's center to Cristiano Ronaldo, which saved the Portuguese his first goal in Calcio. Towards the end of the game, the defense of Juventus Parma did not allow to hinder Shiceni, so the & # 39; bianconers & # 39; a third victory in three games. Parma remains assets with one point.


0: 1 Manjukic (2 & # 39;)

1: 1 Gervinho (32 & # 39;)

1: 2 Matthews (52 & # 39;)

Parma: Sepe, Jacoponi, Alves, Galloo, Gobi, Rigoni, Sullach, Barilla, Gervinio, Inglese, Di Gaoudio

Juventus: Shcheshni, Quadrado, Bonuci, Cielini, Sandro, Kedera, Pianic, Matuiyidi, Ronaldo, Manjukic, Bernardeski


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