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Lewis admitted: the feeling is not pleasant

Lewis Hamilton admitted he was not happy, although he won the Grand Prix of Russia and scored 50 points with Sebastian Vettel.

The Brit triumphed after the team ordered his teammate Walter Botas to step back and give up what has become.

"The feeling is really not pleasant and I do not think I felt like that again after winning, there are not many teammates to do," said the Briton.

"Walter did a fantastic job all weekend and yesterday he did brilliantly during qualifying, I assured him I did not want to, but the team thought they should." It's absolutely weird to be in this position "he added.

"It's hard, it's true that Walter did not fight for the title, but he acted as a real team player, winning a double victory is great, but of course I understand how he feels because he deserved to win, said Lewis, who also commented on the situation that he almost met Vettel shortly before he was outsmarted.

"I think he first moved from the inside, but then he changed direction and almost sent me to the wall, I think that this is not allowed, but the stewards were clearly different, it's good that I managed to get out of it. and then overtook it, but the big problem was why I was in such a situation. & # 39;

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