Champion Ludogorets welcomes the Danube in a meeting of the seventh round of the First League.

The hosts were fully expected to dominate, and the guests only created a more serious position in the first part. In the first seconds Vanderson came from the guest keeper Philip Dimtrov himself, who reflected the strike of the Brazilian.

Jodi Lukoci was very active for the next few minutes, tried every combination with Kesheru during an attack and even reached an impasse in the 16th minute. Ten minutes later, Lukoy was in the arms of his teammates and after Kesheru's attack, he planned. Gustavo Campanario shot from a distance, but keeper Philippe Dimitrov struck out and Kesheru controlled the ball and gave it to the uncovered Jody Lukoy, who scored 1-0. The two continued to bother the "dragons" and after the goal, and Vandersson also helped them.

Only in the 43rd minute did the Danube reach its first serious danger in the match after Borislav Baldjiyski Ivan Kokonov took the defense, but the latter was blocked by goalkeeper Renan and could not overcome him from the corner.

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Compared to the previous Europa League match, Marcellino and Sissyne were not the hosts and Virgil Misijan was sold to Nuremberg.

National Svetoslav Kovachev, which was transferred by Ludogorets, will not participate in the Danube.

Ludogorets – Danube 1: 0
Jody Lukoy (26)

The most interesting in minutes with BLISTER:
1 – Start of the match.
1 – Vanderson made a good shot after only 26 seconds of play, but the Danube goalkeeper managed to hit the corner.
5 – A new strike from Vanderson along the door of the guest.
11 – Dangerous centering of Jody Lukoci, but Kesheru could not detect the ball.
16 – Luko kicks dangerously past the guest's door.
26 – GHOOL for Ludogorets! The active game of Jody Lukoci led to his goal after assisting Kesheru. Gustavo Campanario shot from a distance, but goalkeeper Philip Dimitrov slaughtered. The defense of the Danube was not well-oriented and gave Claudiu Kescheru the chance to take control of Jody Lukoy, who scored 1-0.
34 – Lukoci shot for Kesheru, but Georgi Dinkov took over the Romanian and killed the ball.
37 – Vanderson is on the left and Lukoy hits the ball only against the goalkeeper, but he passes under his feet.
43 – Dunav reached his first serious danger in the game after Borislav Baldzhiyski led Ivan Kokonov behind the defense, but the latter was blocked by goalkeeper Renan.
45 + 1 – End of the first part!
………………………………………….. …
46 – Beginning of the second half.

The compositions
Ludogorets: 33.Renan dos Santos, 25. Tsvetomir Panov, 3.Anton Nedyalkov, 30.Kosmin Motsi, 44.Jacek Goralsky, 10. Gustava Campanario, 18.Svetoslav Dyakov, 88.Vanderson, 92.Jodji Lukochi 6. Natanael, 28. Claudiu Kescheru
reserves1.Horhe Brown, 2.Rafael Forster, 7.Dimo Bakalov, 37. Joao Paulo Araujo, 70. Jacob Schwierchok, 84. Marcello, 9. Juno Brandao
coach: Paulo Outworth

Danube: 33. Filip Dimitrov, 5.Georgi Dinkov, 16.Martin Kovachev, 4.Peter Patev, 25.Borislav Baldjiyski, 31.Krasimir Stanoev, 8.Ivan Kokonov, 83.Hristo Popadien, 8.Educardo Ghelin, 9.Ahmed Ahmedov , 27 Muhamadou N & # 39; Diye
reserves: 86. Stanislav Antonov, 8. Ahmed Ben Esha, 7. Aleksandar Alexandrov, 13. Kristian Varbanov, 99. Derik Mensa, 77. Branimir Kostadinov, 11. Daniele Pehlivanov
coach: Malin Orachev

Razgrad, "Ludogorets Arena" Stadium
judge: Dragomir Draganov

legend: target , own goal yellow card , second yellow card , Red card shift , A dangerous situation

First competition – season 2018/2019

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