Ludogorec defeated CSKA and climbed to first place in the First League – BG Football

CSKA is no longer a leader in the First Division after having lost as Ludogorets guest with 0: 1 in the derby of the fifth round of the championship. The Reds made a first loss for the season and retreated to Levski's first place. The victory allowed Razgrad players to score two points for CSKA and three for Levski.

Vanderson's attack in the first half appeared only in the game and enough for the minimal success of the Razgrad players. Ludogorets dominated in the opening minutes and created several good goals. 12 minutes into the match, Marcellino were given a free kick in the penalty box, but his shot was saved by Cherniyaskas. Soon after, Sissyne fired vigorously, but Maurides stuck his head and did not allow the ball to reach the door.

The hosts struck home in the 21st minute after a serious error in the defense of CSKA. Nathanel took the unmarked Vanderson against Cherniyaskas alone, but the goalkeeper closed the corner well and saved, but then he moved on and Vandersson had him transferred and sent the ball into the net. An error in this situation was allowed by the young Angel Ljaskov, who did not postpone the goal until the goalkeeper returned and Vandersson allowed to find the empty network.

After the goal CSKA looked boldly in front, but rarely reached dangerously close to the home team. Tiago sent a shot from the edge of the penalty area, but without any problems for Jorge Bron. At the end of the first part, the "Reds" asked for a penalty after contact with Motsi and Maurizis, but the referee Nikolay Yordanov overtook the situation.

CSKA started the second part more offensively, but it opened areas to protect the "red". Although they apparently had mastered the initiative, the first goal after the break was Cherniyaskas. With 51 minutes played, Virgil Mussijan fell dramatically in the game, but chipped up a bit to the goalkeeper's goal. Five minutes later, Vanderson was defeated by goalkeeper Sissyne, but came on strike late and was blocked by CSKA's defenders.

CSKA came close to an equalizer in the 76th minute but after a precise free kick by Tiago Rodriguez the ball landed on the crossbar. In the added time, CSKA Maurydes scored twice, but his shot was only a few inches from the door and his shot was then played by Ludogorets.

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