Milan played and swept Sassuolo + VIDEO

Milan ended its three-game series without a win and swept Sassuolo 3-1 in the uncomfortable Madame Stadium. Gennaro Gatuzo's team had a hard time at the start of the game, but after goals scored by Frank Cassie (39, 90), Suzhou (50) and Samuel Castejo (60) took care of the three runs. Reserve Philippe Djuricic reduced to "the unverified" in the 69th minute.

With this success, Milan moved to the 10th position in the 9-point ranking. The loss was second for Sassuolo since the start of the season after Juventus and the team missed third place and is currently in fifth place with 13 Fiorentina and Inter. The Rosoner were again without Gonzalo Iguaine and his role was well played by Samuel Castiyeux, who played as fake ninety.

The game started right, with the hosts even regretting not taking the lead. Still, Susa struck the bar with a nice rebound at 16:00. 26 minutes after a counterattack by Milan, Frank Cessey shot the ball over the keeper's guard, but a defender defeated the goal.

In the attack, Federico Di Francesco fired dangerously, but Gianluigi Donaruma showed a reflex. Shortly thereafter the tip was removed a few centimeters from it. Kevin-Prins Boateng concentrated on the right wing and Di Francesco was only a few meters from the goal. Ignacio Abate, however, made an incredible sword and managed to remove it.

So it came to the 39th minute when Kezie corrected his shot and made 1: 0. The Cavalier almost took the ball from the center, drove to the penalty area and made a very goal-oriented attack with his left leg, which prevented Konyli from escaping. By the end of the first half Souso and Castejo had tried to score a second goal, but they were not lucky.

Suzo showed the superclass only 5 minutes after the game resumed. The Spaniard first took a very difficult distance, opened his boot and from the rainbow in front of the penalty area Konsili left his place with an incredibly sharp shot – 2: 0. Shortly thereafter the home keeper saved a safe third goal after a close shot of Bonaventura .

Concilly, however, had nothing to do in the 60th minute when he pulled the ball out of his net for the third time. Samu Kastyjeho fired a 25 meter bomb with his left foot for his first goal with Milan's team.

The home side put themselves ahead after 68 minutes when Philip Juricic scored after a free free kick. There was a suspicion of a violation of Boateng against Romanemille. About ten minutes later Milan Lokatili & # 39; s adolescent found the Babakar Reserve in a favorable situation, the blow of which passed meters beyond Donarama's radius.

In the added time of the game, Suso fired a free kick in the wall, returned the ball and made a new dagger. The ball touched the body of Kaysie and went into the net for the fourth time behind Konsili. The goal was initially canceled, but then the video repeaters came into action and the judge read it. A second later, the game ended with a convincing 4: 1 for the Rosoners.

Sassuolo – Milan 1: 4

0: 1 Frank Cassie 39 & # 39;

0: 2 Sucre 50 & # 39;

0: 3 Саму Кастийехо 60 & # 39;

1: 3 Philippe Djuricic 68 & # 39;

1: 4 Suzo 90 + 3 & # 39;

Sassuolo: Concilly, Larola, Marlon, Ferrari, Rogerio, Burabia (58 – Burabbia), Locatiles, Sansy, Berardi (75 –

Milan: JK. Donaurra, Abate (90 – Calabria), Musaquie, Romanemielli, Rodriguez, Cassie, Bilia, Bonaventura, Susa, Chalhanooglu (77 –

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