Rooney: Ronaldo Juventus is the favorite of the Champions League – Champions League – European football

Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney thinks that with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in the club, Juventus has become a big favorite for winning the Champions League in the new season. Rooney knows perfectly the qualities of the Portuguese from their consistent stay in Old Trafford and is aware of how much he will raise the "bianconer" class.

"He will do what he has done over the past 10 years – he will make goals for Juventus, and I think Juventus will win the Champions League, mainly because Ronaldo went there and as a man he is very nice, family man, he works hard and he always keeps a family close to himself, which is great, and he has done a lot of work, and he is the bragging, because he has put a lot of effort into sitting on top of it, "said Rooney.

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