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Liverpool's team reached the victory in the last Saturday's round of the Premier League and defeated Brighton's minimal 1: 0 at Anfield. Mohammed Salah scored in the 23rd minute to bring the three points for the red numbers and at the end of the game revealed the new team guard, Alison Becker, an incredible photo of Pascal Gross to keep the victory of his team.

After this success Liverpool led the Premier League with a full 9 points after three rounds. Second was Manchester City, who made 1: 1 as Wolverhampton and had seven points. Brighton remains the twelfth with three runs, as the success of Chris Hutton's men came in the final round against Manchester United.

Juergen Klop, the manager of the "red", left for the third consecutive Premier League-game of the same team, with the German mentor making no changes. The "Fiery" trio in the front positions, Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, was in charge and was supported by Nabi Keita, Georgin Vainillum and James Milner.

Brighton manager Chris Hutton made two changes, starting from Leon Balogun and Yves Bismuma from the first minute of the game.

Liverpool started the first half and in the fifth minute Sadio Mane could find it, but Senegal's shot went down the left-hand column of the Brighton door. Four years later, Andrew Robertson made a perfect centering for Roberto Firmino and the Brazilian striker looked great with his head, but Brighton's guard, Matthew Ryan, hit the ball in one way or another.

In the 13th, Sonya Marc was defeated by Liverpool's defense and was paralyzed by Alison Becker, but not good enough. For the luck of the Liverpool goalkeeper, the ball went out. Liverpool kept pushing his opponent and Alexander-Arnold shot the crossbeam of the seagulls in the 15th minute.

In the 22nd, Brighton defeated a free kick and lost the ball, then the goal for Liverpool came. Roberto Firmino saw the unsecured Salah on the right, who matched his left leg with Ryan – 1: 0. This is the 29th goal for Anfield's Egyptian team with Liverpool's team in 29 games.

In the 31st minute Wainlund had a chance to double, but his shot was reflected and a minute before the end of the half Firmino shot from the edge of the penalty area but over the bar.

In the second half Liverpool started to control the ball without worrying about the fast attacks of Brighton, because the "seagulls" also had their abilities.

Antony Noker came close to leveling the score after 48 minutes, but his shot went just wide of the right posture of Alison Becker. Glen Murray fought well with Joe Gomez and saw his team mate, but his rifle was cheating.

60 minutes into the match, Joe Gomez was found by Salah after a free kick that went just wide of the goal.

In the 86th Milner released behind the defense of Andy Robuston, and the Scottish defender returned to the edge of the penalty area to Alexander-Arnold. The English defender found space and shot but unfortunately the ball passed Brighton's ball.

In the 89th minute, Montoya centered right on the right to Pascal Gross, who shot very close to his head, but Alison Becker had a great shot and reflected the performance of Brighton's football player.

Liverpool is still the only Premier League-team that has not scored a goal in the first three games, and the next round will be Leicester. Brighton, on the other hand, welcomes the newcomer Fulham.

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