Sport | Federer gave a lecture to Kirios and continued to the eighth finals of the US Open

Federer gave a lecture to Kirios and continued to the eighth finals of the US Open

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Roger Federer secured a place in the US Open after a clear victory over Nick Kirios – 6: 4, 6: 1, 7: 5. The five-time New York champion made a strong match and delivered a real lecture to his Australian rival , who needed only 1.46 hours to overcome the third round.

The 37-year-old veteran continues in the hope of becoming the oldest US Open champion. He reached the 17th time for the 17th time in his career.

Despite the drops of Kerios and the outbursts of Australian nervousness, Federer remained focused and maintained his level throughout the game. The Maestro made a third consecutive victory over Kirios, but this time without losing a set. His previous two successes were not clean and the first match against the Australian went to the Kirios account.

In his next game, he meets the Australian John Milman, who defeated Mikhail Kukushkin with 6: 4, 4: 6, 6: 1, 6: 3.

"The main game was the seventh because I could win my bet, it was important to stay positive because Nick played better than me first, then he played tides and maybe my level was high I'm happy because the day was good for me "Federer said after the game.

He explained that he had admired the weather in New York well and had achieved success.

The first set was very controversial, because Federer was more nervous than the two tennis players. The Swiss met a serious reticence, expecting Kirios to rely on a powerful service, and the more experienced players needed more time to get into the rhythm.

The key in the set and in the game was the seventh game of the first part. Then Federer succeeded in saving four break points and eventually took his lead to lead 4: 3. Kirios & # 39; game collapsed and the Australian succumbed behind the nerves.

He took his shot, but then Federer led 5: 4 and finally broke down to close and 37 minutes.

The collapse of Kirios' game was inevitable because he started with his traditional monologues and nervous outbursts. The Australian approached frighteningly, tried to make hasty strokes or simply stopped moving around the field.

Federer gave a lecture to Kirios and continued to the eighth finals of the US Open

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Federer, on the other hand, showed no relief and won seven consecutive games, including the last two of the first set, quickly leading 5: 0. Kiroos interrupted the series of games for Federer, although the Swiss had two points to win the set . Yet the Australian took his bid, but it was a late turnaround. The Maestro was concentrated and guided in only 25 minutes with 2: 0 sets.

In the decisive set, Kirios tried to restore confidence and showed that he was stabilizing. The part was very challenging and the Australian saved two break points in the seventh game. The decisive, however, was the eleventh when Federer won his opponent.

The Maestro then had no problem closing the game in three sets and continuing.

Federer completed the 16-aces game against 13 for his rival. The Maestro also won 51 winners in 24 unforeseen errors.

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